[VIDEO] The Perks of Driving to a Blogging Conference #SoFabCon14

When you’re a blogger, you’re encouraged to attend conferences to network with major brands and find out the latest industry trends. I made a last minute decision to attend So Fab Con in Rogers, AR last week. Roundtrip airfare on a direct flight from Delta Airlines was almost $700. So I made the fiscally responsible decision to go by car.  While driving for approximately 11 hours each way was not my idea travel situationl, I got there safely, learned a lot, and networked with the Collective Bias community that’s connected me with incredible sponsors and Twitter Party opportunities. Check out my video featuring the perks of driving to a blogging conference vs. flying:

Driving to a Blogging Conference

Here’s a quick recap of why you may consider driving vs. flying to a blogging, homeschooling or work-related conference.

1. Save on airfare by driving.
2. No lost luggage.
3. Prevent the wear and tear on your car for long road trips by renting a vehicle. I got a great deal on  Priceline by bidding on a low daily rate. I took Atlanta’s public transportation system, MARTA, to the airport and picked up the vehicle. Bloggers: this may be a great opportunity to consider reviewing a vehicle for your trip. I’ve been fortunate enough to review the 2014 Kia Sorento when my family drove to Mississippi last summer.
4. Set your own schedule vs. following the airlines schedule. Let’s say you’d like to stay an additional day to tour your host city. That’s very easy if you drive!
5. Road trip! See parts if the country vs flying over them.  I would never have seen the Arkansas landscape if I didn’t drive. Need a place to stay? See if you can get a discount at a hotel or rent someone’s home while they’re away with AirBNB. I stayed in a rental last year for my #FiguringOut40LA series that included visits to Chelsea Lately, The Grove and taking the TMA tour!

Comment below: What’s been your experience flying or driving to a conference? Was your luggage lost or did your car break down? Did it influence the way you travel from now on?

Special thanks to Mandi from Chewsy Lovers who was my “wing woman” for the 1500+ mile roundtrip ride to Rogers, AR!

I’ve also had the benefit of attending two national blogging conferences hosted here in Atlanta. Here are the 10 lessons I learned from Type A and Blogalicious in 2013.

Perks of Driving to a Blogging Conference #SoFabCon14 ~ MommyTalkShow.com

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  1. Great post, Joyce! Yes, I do love driving to destinations rather than flying, when the price is right. If BlogHer wasn’t so far away this year, I would drive. No need to check an extra bag to bring all the swag home, I have the freedom to explore the city and not feel stuck at a hotel, and driving is such a great way to have an adventure before the adventure.

  2. With 3 kids in tow, we are a drive first family. The baggage fees can equal another airline ticket depending on how many in your family are driving. Great post.

  3. I prefer driving to flying, I’m a nervous flyer which is fun for no one! I haven’t driven to a conference yet but if at all possible I would choose to drive.

  4. What a great post! Thanks for sharing your experience on traveling to a conference! It is great that you had a buddy to go with or that 11 hour drive would have been really long! I prefer either way depending on time, money and location! I love the idea of seeking out a car to test and drive.

  5. First of all, I love how your TV journalist comes out in your vlogs. “I’m Joyce Brewer with :::insert TV station here:::!” Love it! Anywho, I drove to my first conference (BBCSTL) and it was pretty fab. My introverted self got to get away when I was feeling overwhelmed, I was able to explore the city on my own terms and without limitations and I got to vibe out to my music going and coming. If a conference is within driving distance (6-8 hours by myself), best believe I’m hitting the road.

    Also, this is a great post!

  6. I have a blogging friend who lives about an hour from me, if we ever go to the same conference we’ll definitely carpool instead of flying to save $. If we split the car rental cost it would be pretty cheap. Flying is expensive!

  7. I used to LOVE flying. I had platinum status with American and flew everywhere. Then 9/11 happened and flying became scary, then no longer fun. Now I prefer to drive over flying. After my 23 hour road trip in a few months to GNP, I may change my mind but for me, road trips are the way to go.

  8. I am not a light packer. I have that “what if I need this” kind of mentality (I am working on it!) but that can be a problem when flying because of weight and space. I love it when I go on a road trip because I can throw whatever I want in the car and not have to worry about being over the weight limit.

  9. I agree with you. I’d love the chance to carpool to a conference. Just wish there were a few close by that I could drive to. Why fly when you really don’t have to? Great post.

  10. I love this! While flying is easier and takes less time there are some serious benefits of driving. Next time you need a road trip buddy let me know. I am easily swayed!

    • Leandrea,
      I’ll definitely let you know when I hit the road. I saw you scored some great airfare. That’s what I need help with!

  11. Joyce, love the video. You are so good on camera. Advantages of driving to a conference is definitely saving money, and if you carpool with other ladies, what a great way to get to know them better.