Mother’s Day Wish List for Every Kind of Mom

Every Mother’s Day husbands, boyfriends and partners around the country scramble to find gift ideas.  Flowers, chocolate and brunch are their typical go-to options. But when moms are honest, really honest, we want other things for Mother’s Day. Tangible things that make our lives easier and keep us gushing for days on how thoughtful it was for our family to bestow them on us.  I know this is kind of a late (I’ve been tired and traveling) but here’s a Mother’s Day Wish List for Every Kind of Mom thanks to an informal survey of my friends. Also, these make great baby shower and birthday gifts for moms you know. So be sure to share it on Facebook and add it to a Pinterest board!

Mother's Day Wish List for Every Kind of Mom ~

Work at home Mom or Blogger mom

Keurig Machine: I live and breathe caffeine most days, so my own Keurig machine would be the perfect gift so I can easily make coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate.

iPad Mini: I’m constantly on the go and blogging. My Macbook is my primary computer, but I’d love an iPad Mini and keyboard. Here’s why: membership:  The ability to search for a nearby babysitter would be a blessing! I have a sitter and few friends on standby when I need help getting things done or to attend an event.

Promotional material:  Business cards, banners and t-shirts to promote ourseles would really cut down on our marketing budgets. Gift a work at home mom or blogger mom something from Vistaprint.

Visa gift card: This is a bit classier than cash. It fits all needs and can help us cover unexpected expenses or a girls’ night out dinner!

Green Mom or Vegetarian Mom

Amazon Prime: For their hard to find go-to items, the green and vegetarian moms I know are huge fans of Amazon Prime. It’s $99 a year, offers 2 days free shipping and streaming video options.

Organic Tea: I found out about Teatulia Tea when I reviewed it in 2012 and realized that it’s got great quality, while giving back to the community.

Special Needs Mom or Multiples Mom

I put these two in the same category based on my experience with my friends who fit these categories. The level of “overwhelm” I’ve heard from Special Needs Moms and Moms of Multiples is enough to make your head spin. For Special Needs Moms who are the primary caretaker told me about exhaustion and limited time to prepare meals or focus attention on their other children. Ask her first, but consider gifting a membership where she can search for a reputable and experienced sitter. If the Special Needs or Multiples Mom isn’t comfortable having someone else watch her children, volunteer to do it for her.

Meals & Food prep: A professional food service, meal planning service or providing prepared meals were a huge request when I posted it on my Facebook page.

Smartphone: A strong support system, social media groups and meetups are an important way for Special Needs or Multiples Moms to stay in touch and a brand new smartphone can help her out tremendously.

I also hosted a webcast featuring Empowered Moms of Special Needs Kids that’s worth watching, especially if you’re a special needs mom with a business idea!

Fashion & Beauty Loving Mom

My style has taken a major hit post-baby. But there are plenty of moms who are “styling and profiling” everywhere they go!
I know several moms who make and sell their own jewelry that’s perfect for gift-giving including: Jewelry Rockstar and Mundane Madness.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Awesomama!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. I love my iPad Mini and I haven’t even used my regular sized iPad since I got it over a year ago. I am actually interested in getting the iPad Mini Air since it is even lighter than the iPad Mini I have now. I am such a tech addict, lol.

    I was surprised early with something that was on my Mother’s Day Wish List: an iMac. I haven’t had a desktop in over 8 years, and now that I have a home office, it was time for one. My other half understands my tech obsession, and now, I can honestly say, I want for nothing in the tech arena (other than the iPad Mini Air–lol)

    Happy Mother’s Day!