My Motherhood Journey in Photos #NakedMoms

This month #NakedMoms is sharing photos about our expectations versus the reality of motherhood. Here’s a look at my motherhood journey.

Day Before Delivery

You can tell I hadn’t planned to blog this photograph. The lighting is wayyyy off. But my belly is ready to pop!

Pregnancy Naked Moms

3 Months Old

My baby laughing at three months old. This is also when we found out about his food allergies. I changed my diet completely so I could continue breastfeeding him for 22 glorious months.

3 Month Naked Moms

Disney Social Media Moms 2012

Our first adventure to Disney World. My hair was wild and long. My child was just wild.

Disney 2012


2nd Birthday Party

My family laughing.


 Christmas 2013

By now I was blogging as a PT gig and getting invited to events like this for Family Dollar where he could come along.

kenya event

 4th Birthday Party

Granted his wish and hosted his birthday party at HippoHopp in Atlanta.

HippoHopp Birthday Party ~


Overall, motherhood hasn’t been anything like I expected, except for my text-book c-section delivery. Every moment from then-on has been a shock and a blessing. If you’d told me I would have given birth to such a bright, talkative, vision-impaired, baseball cap addicted boy with handful of food allergies – I would have thought you were crazy!

Comment below: How have your expectations about motherhood matched up to the reality of it?

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  1. What lovely pictures, Joyce! I was like you when I was pregnant. You could tell I was about to pop, but only in the right light! LOL!

  2. Love seeing the pictures over time. And I agree, every day brings something new when you are a mom!

  3. Aww this is so beautiful. I love it. I breastfed with one of my children. I did it for 26 months. I also had to make diet changes so he could breastfeed.

  4. That is the most precious visually impared, food allergic little boy I’ve ever seen! Let me know if he’s taking applications for strong willed, intelligent, future wives. I’ve got a little girl who need a good boy with great parents when she gets older. 🙂