Here’s a Healthy Baby Shower Gift Idea

Featured Healthy Baby Shower Gift

When I was pregnant with A.J. and breastfeeding him, I was much better about staying hydrated than I am now. Back then, I had a little person inside my body who was relying on me to eat a healthy balanced diet and stay hydrated. Or when I was breastfeeding him …

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[VIDEO] 4 Ways to Survive EpiPen Price Hike

Every major television network and my entire Facebook feed is filled with news about the astronomical cost of the EpiPen auto injector for food allergy families. I told you back in July to prepare for sticker shock when you fill your next prescription. When I asked our local pharmacy what the …

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I’m Guilty of 4 Risky Health Habits for Moms

Featured Health Risks

I wish I could say I was at my peak fitness. That’s just not the case. I have no one to blame but myself. Confession time: I’m guilty of at least four risky health habits for moms. Maybe even more than four. Keep reading to explore each risk and each fix …

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