[VIDEO] 4 Ways to Survive EpiPen Price Hike

Every major television network and my entire Facebook feed is filled with news about the astronomical cost of the EpiPen auto injector for food allergy families. I told you back in July to prepare for sticker shock when you fill your next prescription. When I asked our local pharmacy what the cost would be this year, I was told $623! Watch my video on ways to survive the EpiPen price hike, then scroll down to see an interview I did with the Associated Press explaining what our out-of-pocket expenses will be.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical or health professional. Consult your doctor for the best advice.

Video: 4 Ways to Survive EpiPen Price Hike

1. Extend Expiration Date

Ask your pediatrician or family doctor about using the EpiPen past its one year expiration date. Many people believe the shelf life of the medication is longer than the expiration date on the box.
One of A.J.’s EpiPen Jr.’s expired in July and I’m still holding on to it through September, at least.

2. Tell School Nurse About EpiPen4Schools.com

Although Mylan has hiked the price for consumers, it has a free EpiPen program for schools in most U.S. states. Depending on where you live, your child’s school nurse can apply on the EpiPen4Schools.com website to receive two adult and two junior injectors.  Considering that many families leave a set of pens at school and a set at home, this program could “potentially” alleviate some of the cost.

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3. Get a Friend/Family Member’s Pen

If you have a friend or family member who’s already met their deductible and their out-of-pocket expense for an EpiPen prescription is $0, consider asking them to fill their own prescription and giving it to you. I know it’s not technically “legal,” but I’d hate to hear about a child who needs the pen but their family can’t afford it.

4. Find Generic Auto Injector

Adrenaclick and other generic auto injectors are lesser-known options. Ask your physician and pharmacist how much it would be. When I asked our local pharmacist, the difference in price was not that significant.

5. BONUS: EpiPen Coupon

Download an EpiPen Coupon and use it where you fill the prescription.  As of August 24, 2016, Yahoo is reporting Mylan Pharmaceutical expanded the savings to cover as much as $300 of out-of-pocket expenses.  Previously this coupon covered $100 of the co-pay expenses.

Get EpiPen Coupon


In case you’re wondering why the cost of EpiPens has more than tripled over the years, Mylan Pharmaceutical gave me this statement to explain. I think it’s totally ridiculous. Don’t use our “high deductible health” plan as an excuse to line your pockets.

The CEO Heather Bresch saw a salary increase from $2.4 million dollars to $18.9 million in eight years according to the Chicago Times. SERIOUSLY? I wonder how the company afforded that?

Mylan EpiPen Price


Video: Concerns Grow Over Rising Cost of EpiPens

I did an interview with the Associated Press on the huge chunk of our family budget we’ll need to spend on EpiPens.

Comment below: How is your family coping with the EpiPen price hike? What do you think needs to change with drug maker pricing in our country?
EpiPen Price Hike

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  1. I am fortunate that none of my kids suffer from life-threatening allergies, but my good friend is really struggling right now with the increased cost for epi-pens for her daughter. She is required to keep an extra one with the school nurse. I am going to have to email her your post and ask her if she knows about the epipens for school program.

    I think it’s criminal how much they are charging for a lifesaving medicine. I don’t believe for a second that the insurance industry is dictating the cost. Especially not when I read that the CEO makes 18 million a year.

  2. This really irks me. I have an EPI I have a severe allergy to berries, nuts and sage. Im very disappointed in the fact this has gone up in price by more than 25%. It is a life saving medication, which should be at an affordable cost.

  3. Good grief, am I thankful that I only needed an Epi Pen for my middle child when she was a toddler 18 years ago! This is highway robbery.

  4. The price gouge – I mean HIKE – is outrageous. I teach a class for babysitters and we cover Epi-pen injection because allergies can be life threatening and it’s important for babysitters to know how to assist with injection, if needed. Medical monopolization at its worst.

  5. I have so many friends with kids who have allergies. The recent news about the price of EpiPens is out of control. I can’t believe they’d risk the life of children just to make a quick buck!

  6. Wow! That is so expensive! Kids need medicine. I guess it’s a choice between medicine and food. Thanks for the tips. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  7. It is a life saving medication, which should be at an affordable cost. It’s very that this has gone up in price by more than 25%.

  8. It’s so frustrating that such an essential item costs so much. I like your ideas for saving money on epipens.

  9. We, fortunately, haven’t ever needed to keep an epipen for any of our family members. These are great tips for those who have been affected by this price hike though! Thank you for sharing!

  10. It really is criminal that in a first world country people can’t get life saving medical supplies. Ridiculous.

  11. Wow! I am at a loss for words when a life saving product like this raises it’s prices. How sad! It’s good that schools can still get them though.

  12. I have not been affected by this particular medicine, but my husband has had some medications that charged a ridiculous amount and I think it’s awful.

  13. The price hike is outrageous! My son had a reaction to a wasp sting when he was a year old and we had to carry an Epi Pen ever since “just in case”.

  14. This price hike really is outrageous. What if a family had several members who each needed several of these!

  15. Thanks! These are all great ideas. Thankfully my children don’t need EpiPens…but I do for bee stings. And honestly, once I noticed the price got sooo high a few years back, I didn’t refill the prescription. I figured I would risk it. Maybe it’s time to re-think my decision…if I can use some of these suggestions to get it a bit less expensively

  16. Leigh Anne Borders

    This is such a shame! I will definitely share this with my school’s nurse.

  17. We do not have to use one but I do not agree that these should even cost. It is a life or death medicine that some kids must have!