Overnight Fever Relief: Wet Washcloth vs. BeKOOOL Gel Sheets

featured be koool gel sheets

Every cold and flu season we can expect a flow of runny noses, scratchy throats and the inevitable worrisome fever. Thanks to a partnership with BeKOOOL and my affiliate links, I’ll explore how the medicine-free gel sheets provide medicine-free fever relief for a good night’s rest.  Wet Washcloth vs. BeKOOOL Gel Sheets …

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Here’s a Healthy Baby Shower Gift Idea

Featured Healthy Baby Shower Gift

When I was pregnant with A.J. and breastfeeding him, I was much better about staying hydrated than I am now. Back then, I had a little person inside my body who was relying on me to eat a healthy balanced diet and stay hydrated. Or when I was breastfeeding him …

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