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Need a Mommy’s Helper? Here’s How to Hire Yours!

There are certain hurdles and problems in your parenting journey that seem insurmountable at times. Then you talk to another mom in your neighborhood, in line at the grocery store or in a parenting forum and she immediately has the answer you’ve been looking for! I’ll walk you through step-by-step …

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Like Father, Like Son with YOXO Toys

Weekends around our home are pretty laid back. I usually head to a coffee shop in the morning, while my husband and A.J. find something fun to do like visit a festival or park. Not only do they share a name, but my guys are alike in more ways than …

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5 Ways Martial Arts Birthday Parties Rock!

You may have noticed on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page that I post late afternoon photos of A.J. participating in martial arts classes. He’s already up to his second belt and working on his third. Not bad for a boy who just turned 5! To celebrate we partnered with …

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5 Easy Money Lessons for Children

In the last few weeks we’ve had some pretty interesting conversations in our house about money. A.J. now has chores (which you can see him explain in the YouTube video below) and he has established a savings goal. From what I’ve seen, four is the perfect age to start chores, …

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