4 Things You’ll Love About the #MothersDayMovie

Mother's Day Preview

Thank you Pro Flowers for allowing us to see a preview of the Mother’s Day Movie and providing me with an official Mother’s Day bouquet. The film was hilarious and had many emotional moments. Take your Mom, take your sister’s, take your girlfriends. I took our six-year-old son and he …

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Letters to Our Children: Brown Boys Reality

Featured Letters to Our Children

Last month, my letter to A.J. was about his wonderful level of commitment to his “girlfriend” at his age. She’s not his REAL girlfriend. But they developed a deep connection in Pre-K that was just like puppy love. She’s moved out of state with her family and he assured me they’re NOT broken …

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My Clutter-Free Christmas Wish

I started getting pitches and requests to include products in a 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – back in July! My mind was hardly focused on creating content for the holidays. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a blessing to get free products sent to our home for the holidays, but I …

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