Apparently, It’s Easy to Embarrass an 8-Year-Old

I could feel a major change was coming as A.J.’s 8th birthday approached.

Suddenly, everything I did in public was the focus of new scrutiny. My expressions and behavior were the focus of his attention. Not only did he focus on them, he was determined to change them.

As his Mother, the person who has stretch marks and a c-section scar as badges of honor, here’s what I’m no longer allowed to do/say in public:

  • Refer to myself in the third person. Not allowed: “Do you need Mommy to help you?” Allowed: “Can I help you?”
  • Say the word ‘potty.’ Not allowed: “Do you need to go potty?” Allowed: “Do you need to use the restroom?”
  • Call him by his nickname, Bubba. Not allowed: “Hey Bubba, how was your day? Allowed:  “Hey, A.J. How was your day?” or “That was great, A.J.”

I never meant to embarrass him. I was just using the “Mom Speak” that flows from my mouth naturally.

These were all my favorite expressions. I’ve been calling him Bubba since I knew he was residing in my belly.

Oh well. Part of me is sad to see A.J. become concerned about what his friends hear and see.

As I wrote in this 8th birthday card, I acknowledged that he is maturing. He’s a young man, no longer a baby or a toddler. I also asked for some grace and forgiveness as I work to remove these words/sayings from my vocabulary. Do you know how hard it’s going to be to change the things I’ve said for more than eight years?

My co-host is also very particular about his appearances you’ll see here. Expect to watch more videos from him where he sets the tone and direction, like in this Bobbi-Toads Light Up Shoes review.

Talk back to me below: At what age did your children start showing they were embarrassed of you? What behaviors did they want you to adjust when you were around other people?

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  1. Obviously being pregnant now I have no experience with this bit it does not sound like he is embarrassed of you. He just doesnt wa to be treated like a baby. Good job mom he’s turning into an assertive young man who knows how he wants to be spoken to.

  2. My daughter will turn 7 in August and I can already start seeing this on the horizon! Thanks for the warning 😀

  3. I remember this age and I remember doing the exact same thing as he is doing. Looking back, I wish I would have behaved differently but I do think it’s simply one of the stages we go through. It’s a great tip to ask him for understanding and a way to help him build empathy. Love that tip.