[VIDEO] Advice for Recent College Graduates #VlogMom

This week’s VlogMom topic is Alissa Enders from Clever Compass: What’s your advice for graduates? Here are my suggestion for recent college graduates, based on my experiences as someone who went straight from undergraduate studies at Hofstra University to graduate school at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism.

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What would you advise recent college graduates to do to land their first job?

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  1. I agree my baby is getting ready to go to school full time so I am going to be getting back into the work world I will miss blogging but I must get a job stat. I am going to volunteer in August if I don’t have a job by then and see where that leads. I would also tell graduates to think about other states don’t just limit themselves to where they want to live there is a world of opportunity and you can always come back home.

  2. Oh, boy, LOL….i could have gone hours with advice!!!! LOL

  3. I would advise them to learn how to answer that one daunting question “what is your greatest weakness” in a way that turns it into a strength while still answering the question. It seems like most employers ask that, and turning into a positive is a must.

  4. I can’t even imagine what college graduates are feeling these days. It was much easier and the economy wasn’t so bad when we were out there looking. Great advise. I’ll definitely be passing this along to a couple of my younger cousins who are in school right now.

  5. Thanks for the great advice. It will be a bit before my kids graduate from High school, let alone college, but you can never plan too early!

  6. Great advise! My second oldest is graduating from College and she is so fearful of her journey ahead.’Things are so different compared to when my oldest son graduated from College. I just try to reassure her to stay positive and keep a open mind!

  7. Amen amen amen! I was 100% with you on the keeping your resume full, regardless of what you’re doing. Great tips that stayed on topic (more than mine!)

  8. Great practical tips!! Love it!

  9. My advice is to be efficient in managing your income, whether small or big, do not splurge, invest half of it if you can and spend only for essential things. Later, when you have all the money in the world, more than you can spend, then you can enjoy life. But for starters, work hard and save big.

  10. These are really good tips Joyce. They are good for anyone who is unemployed or looking to re-enter the work force. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday 🙂