3 Emotional Family Lessons #AQuietPlace Movie Teaches Us (No Spoilers)

Lately, I’ve been going to the movies more than I used to. We’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with several family friendly movies including Early Man and Sherlock Gnomes. A.J. & I went live on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page to discuss them which you can watch below. But this week I enjoyed a PG-13 film, A Quiet Place, thanks to a screening invitation.


Watch the trailer, then I’ll share my three emotional family lessons you’ll learn from watching the film.

The movie’s premise: A tight knit family in upstate New York can’t make any sound or monsters will come out of the woods and kill them.

“If They Hear You, They Hunt You.”

A Quiet Place Movie Official Trailer

1.Don’t Get Between a Mom and Her Children

Emily Blunt is Evelyn Abbott, the mother in A Quiet Place, co-written and directed by her husband, John Krasinski. I’d only known Emily Blunt from the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ where she was the pretentious assistant alongside Anne Hathaway & Meryl Streep.
But in A Quiet Place, Blunt was superb.

I watched her interview on Good Morning America this week where she discussed how the actors had so little dialogue, used sign language throughout the film and needed to rely on their facial expressions to emote what they were feeling. She said they came up with the term “Facting = Face + Acting.

It’s the perfect description of what she has to do throughout the film when she’s connecting with her husband, guarding her children and giving birth to her baby while a murderous monster breathes down her neck. No. Seriously. It creeps up behind her in a painstakingly hard scene to watch. She’s trying to deliver a baby all alone and can’t make a sound!

Throughout the film and nevermore in the film’s final scene – Blunt is everything.

I’ve told A.J. several times in his eight years on this Earth that I would do anything to save him. Blunt as Evelyn Abbott embodies that for every mom.

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2. Siblings Bonds Run Deep

Did you know that your relationship with your brother or sister is the longest relationship of your life?

Boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses come and go. Parents pass away. But you’ll likely spend the most time in a relationship with your sibling.

Arrive on time for A Quiet Place film so you don’t miss the opening scene that embodies deep running sibling love between Regan (oldest deaf daughter), Marcus (middle son) and Beau (youngest son).

Throughout the film, as the Abbott children try to stay a step ahead of the monster(s), they’re sometimes separated from their parents and must rely on each other.

These scenes even made me regret for a brief moment that our only child won’t know this level of closeness.

3. Problem-solving is a team effort

When you’re faced with mini-van sized monsters who want to eat your family, it takes teamwork to keep everyone alive.

Each character, Evelyn, Marcus, Regan and Lee (Krasinski), worked together (even when they didn’t know it) to take fight for their safety.

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Finally, I came away from this film for newfound respect for John Krasinski. A Quiet Place will do for his career what Get Out did for Jordan Peele’s directorial debut. Crowds and Hollywood will demand more from them.

[Tweet “.@AQuietPlaceMovie will do for @JohnKrasinki career what @GetOutMovie did for @JordanPeele directing debut. Crowds & Hollywood will demand more from them.”]

Watch my Facebook Live video about what you need to know before you see A Quiet Place.

Comment below: Are you brave enough to see A Quiet Place in theaters? Are you familiar with Krasinski’s work on The Office?

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  1. Good points. Never thought about your siblings be the longest relationships you have. So true.

    You’ve convinced me to go see the movie. I was waiting until it hit the DVD.

  2. This is the second post I’ve seen about this movie and I’m grateful. I had never heard of it until today and I love your take on it. Number one is definitely true. The things a mother will do for her babies!

  3. I can’t wait to see the movie. Your points are correct. Don’t mess with my child or you asking me to unleash the beast on you lol. Love my siblings to death. Problem solving is easier with a team.

  4. I love John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and the Sci-Fi genre. You had me at that. Great review.

  5. I am brave but I just dont find thrillers entertaining. Lol. I love how you written this post. Being a Mom, I can relate to this movie on point number 1.

  6. Wow, you really have me interested in watching this now. These are some great points. I can only imagine giving birth silently. LAWD

  7. Thank you for this review. I don’t like scary movies, however, I’m willing to give this one a go because of your tips!! It looks like a very cool thriller.

  8. FANTASTIC review. I ALMOST want to see it after reading this, but I don’t do scary movies. But that a strong statement comparing Krasinki to Peele. Time will tell.

  9. I hadn’t heard of this movie before now but I’m deofnitley sold! At first glance I was like ummmm no this looks like horror but then after reading your post I watched the trailer and it looks like more of a thiller and tons of suspense which I LOVE lol I don’t do the exorcist type movies at all but I do love suspense movies and that birthing scene looks pretty suspenseful lol I have to see this! Love how you turned this into something relatable!

  10. It was so good seeing you for this movie screening. I loved your recap on this I personally though this was a great concept of a thriller movie, what scary movie do you know where the concept is to be quiet??? I would see it again!