A 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage, A Boy, And A Dream #DriveMitsubishi

Boy's Dream Car

There’s something about boys and cars. First, they play with toy versions. Then they upgrade to kid-sized ones. Finally, they want their own set of wheels. This month A.J. turned five and his love for cars has kicked in to high gear. Nothing could have prepared me for his obsession with the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage we received to test drive for one week and share my honest opinions with you. It was incredibly compact and his favorite color, Kiwi Green.

When I picked A.J. up from pre-k, I could see the excitement in his face as he trotted down the sidewalk towards the Mitsubishi Mirage. He recognized his car pool number hanging on a tag from the rear mirror, yet I was not in my regular car. Throughout the week, we drove the fuel-efficient Mirage to a number of places. It was A.J.’s birthday week. So I used the hatchback area to transport the favors to his martial arts birthday party.  After the party, we had plenty of gifts to bring home. Most of them fit in the hatchback, but I also used the backseat.  The seats also folk for even more space once you remove the headrests.

After a few days, A.J. told “Momma, when I turn 16 I’m buying this exact car!” Eleven years is a long way to drive, so I obliged A.J.’s “need for speed” with a visit to Tiny Towne in Norcross. It has an indoor bumper car track for children as young as three. Since we went on A.J.’s birthday, the Mayor of Tiny Towne “deputized him and brought him along on a traffic stop. Hard to believe it, but people run stop signs inside Tiny Towne just like they do in the real world. A.J. and The Mayor issued a citation to the offender. Later I wondered why the Mayor was doing a police officer’s duties. But in a kid-sized town, I guess you perform multiple duties.

Tiny Towne Mayor

A.J.’s is anxious to turn 16. Last year, he started getting an allowance of $1 per week for his chores. I can’t get him to spend one bit of it. He tells me he’s saving for his first car. If you’re in the market for something compact and sporty, check out my full video review.

Watch: 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage Review

The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage we test drove features

– push-button start

– keyless entry

– front wheel drive

– 140 watt AM/FM/CD/MP3 Audio system with four speakers

– power windows and doors

– anti-lock brakes

– tire-pressure monitoring system

– LATCH child restraints

– child safety locks

The fuel-efficiency is by far the most attractive feature since it gets 37 MPG city and 44 MPG highway. For drivers with short commutes or a college student who just started their first job, this is the ideal car.

To learn more about the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage and upcoming models, follow Mitsubishi USA on Facebook. Visit MitsubishiCars.com.

Comment below: Is there a car, make or model your children are drawn to? What’s your favorite feature of the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage?

Watch the rest of my videos featuring vehicles your family will love to talk about, including A.J.’s point of view.

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  1. Demetra @SweetSavant

    My daughter will be driving soon ( please pray for us LOL!) and this is the perfect car for her. We’ve promised her a car is she gets a full scholarship to college and this looks like a good choice. Something compact and fuel efficient is a perfect choice.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds like a great car. I have heard nothing but good things about Mitsubishi’s, though. So happy you guys liked it.

  3. Robin Masshole Mommy

    That sounds like a great car. I have heard nothing but good things about Mitsubishi’s, though. So happy you guys liked it.

  4. That does sound like a great car… and, we happen to be looking for a new one.. Not sure what my Hubs is going to buy. http://www.myjourneywithcandida.com/

  5. That does sound like a great car… and, we happen to be looking for a new one.. Not sure what my Hubs is going to buy.

  6. Stacey- Travel Blogger

    I have never personally owned a Mitsubishi, but I do know some people who have! They seem to like them pretty well, so they must be nice cars!

  7. I have heard nothing but great things about Mitsubishi cars! My daughter is looking to buy one!

  8. This looks like great car. I will keep it in mind next time we go car shopping.

  9. Could your son be any cuter?! I am so glad he got to have some fun in the Mirage and it certainly looks like a sweet ride.

  10. Chrystal @ YUM eating

    What a cute car. I love the color! We have 6 more years before kiddo is old enough to drive. I know a lot of parents don’t want their kids too grow up too fast and drive. Her father and I can’t wait for her to drive. She has to divide her time between so many different homes. When shes old enough to drive she can make the choices for herself.

  11. I have not heard of this car before, sounds like a great option! I am in love with it already. Glad you were able to experience it then share it with us!

  12. Wow, the Mitsubishi Mirage has many great features! I love the tire pressure monitoring system. Something my current car does not have. Your little one is so cute. He has a little ways to go before he turns 16, LOL. But I bet he will have a great time when he gets there.

  13. Saving for a car is going to help him get fabulous savings habits!! And if he really saves it all, he sure might get a car by the time he’s old enough to drive it. 🙂 Love the cute pics!!

  14. I love your video review. Looks like a great car for families.

  15. Wow that looks and sounds like a nice car! We don’t drive but I’m always intrigued by posts about cars so see which we would end up with! Mitsubishi I have never read anything bad about!

  16. The Mitsubishi Mirage looks like an amazing car. I love the color too!

  17. That is so cute that your son is saving for his first car already. Such a smart little guy. I am looking for a new vehicle. I will have to take the Mitsubishi Mirage for a test drive.

  18. Your sun is so cute and I see how happy he is! 🙂 I love the Mirage- so cool and I love the color bunches!

  19. Wow! This looks like a great car! I know I need to replace my car in the next few years!

  20. Look how cute he looks. I’m so glad you guys found a car you enjoy.

  21. Alesha @ Full Time Mama

    That looks like a super fun car- I can see why he was so thrilled with it! Such a fun color too!

  22. I adore this car and have seen a few around town now. I like all the options and the way it looks. Not in our budget for some time, but for sure a nice vehicle.

    Love the pics of AJ he was having a ball!

  23. Awesome car!!!

  24. I didn’t realize the Mitsubishi Mirage had so many great features. I was surprised at how roomy it was. I love your Green Color choice.