Yes, You CAN Forget How to Walk in Heels #FiguringOut40

How to Walk in Heels

For the last five years I’ve become way too comfortable in my flip flops, sneakers and ballet flats. So much so that I realized you CAN forget how to walk in heels.

It was a startling realization because when I was a local TV News Anchor & Reporter I wore high heels to work almost every day. Even on big stories where I had to walk a mile or two, I could easily sport a pair of pumps. No problem. Once I was behind the anchor desk, I kept wearing my heels even though the audience couldn’t see them. Heels made me feel better. They were great for my posture and make me look a little thinner. Before I moved to Atlanta, I sold 30 pairs of shoes to a friend in an effort to downsize. My shoe game was tight!

Not so much anymore.

How to Walk in Heels

Walking in heels is not like riding a bicycle which they say you can’t forget once you learn. Not only is my balance screwed up when I walk in heels, my calves have a major case of “WTFrench Toast are you doing, Joyce?”

I feel like I’ve really let myself go. I’ve considered re-training my feet by wearing heels around the house for about 10 minutes a day, then gently extending the time until it feels normal.

Weight Gain & Bloating

My ballet slippers and flip flops became way too comfortable and my feet got wider from weight gain and bloating. They were easy to slip on and head out the door. Even for church, I’m able to dress rather casually.

It’s only for an occasional event like the Macy’s Fashion Show where I was a model that I wore high heels for less than 10 minutes where it was mildly tolerable. At the end of the show, I even wore a 9 1/2 when my true size is a 10. Of course, that’s when A.J. decided to get super emotional and I ended up carrying him on stage for the finale.

Plus Sized Fall Fashion with Supermodel Emme ~

When I moderated a panel at the 2014 Niche Parent Conference I wore my heels behind the podium and when I walked around the room, but the moment that session was over I took those sore suckers off went back to my ballet slippers!

My poor husband. He likes to see me in high heels. One of the first gifts he bought me while we were dating are some hot peep-toe brown pumps. They’re high on the shelf in our closet feeling ignored and forgotten. (You know shoes have feelings, right?).

I’d almost given up on wearing high heels again. Then I heard about the BOGO 50% off sale at Crocs and stopped by the Lenox Square Mall store where I nabbed the Women’s A-leigh Leather Boot in Espresso/Brown. The Crocs Leather Boots are also available at

They wedge heel has plenty of support so I feel like I’m on a flat surface, yet there is a slight arch so my feet can get used to the elevation. I’ve only worn them once and I can’t wait to wear them this week while I’m in New York for Thanksgiving.

Comment below: Do you wear high heels often? Are they easy for you or a chore? What do you think of my new brown leather Crocs boots?

Yes, You CAN Forget How to Walk in Heels ~

In case you’re a new reader, #FiguringOut40 is a series I started last year right before I turned 40 and realized I didn’t have things figured out. I took a solo trip (husband and child-free) to Los Angeles for #FiguringOut40LA where I visited all of my favorite spots for celebrity gossip.  I hope you join me on this journey to figure out life!

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  1. I never wear heels!! OOPS!! I work at a hospital and so I am in sneakers at work. On my off days I hang around the house in my house shoes or Toms. I have a closet full of heels that I either need to sell or donate because I never wear them.

  2. Shhh don’t tell anyone but I don’t own a pair of heels. I have been getting a bit more into fashion and have even bought several dresses . … perhaps its time I get a nice pair of heels as well.

  3. I wear heels once in a blue moon. I want to be comfortable running around with my girls.

  4. I wear them during the summer a lot. Most of my winter boots have some sort of heel on them as well.

    I agree, you CAN forget how to wear them!

  5. Oooh, I love Crocs comfort! I really want to check those out.

  6. I never wear high heels anymore since having kids. However, I only wore kitten heels and 2 in heels before kids. I think heels are cute, but I just can’t deal with the foot pain.

  7. I never wear heels anymore either since having kids. However, I only wore kitten heels and 2″ heels before kids. I think heels are cute, but I don’t think they are worth the pain.

  8. Oh, what a great idea! I went from being an account executive to a SAHM mom and then a preschool teacher and runner , so my feet are FOR SURE out of the heel biz. But I LOVE boots and that’s a great way to get my feet used to fancier shoes again!

  9. Wow! Those are some serious stilettos in your opening image. I live in flats, but I will wear an occasional kitten heel or wedge when the occasion arises. I used to love wearing heels because they gave me a bit of extra confidence and swag. But, sadly, my feet can’t handle them anymore. I love the comfort of Crocs (I bought my first pair of sandals this summer). Those boots look like the perfect combination of comfort and fashion.

  10. I think your shoes are so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever learned to actually walk in heels. I don’t wear them very often now since I spend most of my time in the house.

  11. I’ve never worn heels. But, these new boots look awesome. Hope you succeed in “retraining” your feet.