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My Honest, Funny Outlook on Perimenopause

I’ve reached the phase of over 40 life where perimenopause is a REALITY and menopause is on the HORIZON. Perimenopause is a relatively new term for me. I’ve noticed many more commercials and products focused on menopause symptoms: the phase when a woman’s menstrual period ends due to hormonal changes. …

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I Let Things Go Too Far #FiguringOut40

I Let Things Go Too Far #FiguringOut40 ~ MommyTalkShow.com

This year, I realized I had done a total 180 degree change when it came to at least two of my female friendships. Usually that’s a good thing – to change. In my case, it wasn’t. You see, I let things go too far and they became irreparable. See, I used to …

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