Wordless Wednesday: Family Photos Inside My Daddy’s Wallet #WW

Me around age 3

After my Daddy died in May, I asked my Mom if I could have his wallet. He always kept his wallet in his back pocket leaving an impression in his pants. My Daddy’s version of an “address book” was a small sheet of paper with names and numbers he’d written out. I knew it was in his wallet too.

What I’d forgotten about were the old photos he kept inside his wallet. Like the one above of me when I was about three years old. He was always reminiscing about how loving and attentive I was as a toddler so maybe this photo reminded him of my favorite age. For me, it’s one of the few photos where I can see where A.J. looks a little bit like me.

Check out how handsome my Daddy was back in 1952 when he was drafted during the Korean War. Β He was a cook and told amazing stories about basic training and going AWOL so he could go to a party. Thank goodness he never saw combat. My Daddy was laid to rest at Calverton National Cemetery after an emotional military ceremony. My Mom even bought a special flag case to keep the U.S. flag that draped his casket.

John H. Brewer, Korean War Vet
John H. Brewer in U.S. Army in 1952

Inside my Daddy’s wallet there’s also an amazing photo of my mom from the 60’s where she’s dressed in gold hot pants and cooking something on the stove.

This makes me long for the days when people kept photos in their wallets. Now when someone asks for a picture, we whip out a cell phone and scroll through the images we snapped. That’s just not the same.

You can tell how much my Daddy cherished the photos because the edges are worn. He must have taken them out to look at them often. Plus they rubbed up against the other cards in his wallet.

What’s in your wallet? What does it say about you and your family?

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  1. What an amazing man! And, how cool that you have those pictures available!

  2. Joyce, I love this post. We have so much in common with missing our daddies and the love they flooded us with. I think your dad looks like such a young thing in that military picture and your mom is such a hottie in her gold pants. And you, you are a child filled with promise! No wonder he held on to that photo for so long. I am sure he is proud of who you have become.

  3. You can tell a lot about a man by what he keeps in his wallet. He must have treasured you and your mom! and he was a good looking man!

  4. Awesome post Joyce! This definitely does speak volumes to how things have changed. My son’s daycare recently asked us for wallet sized pics of him and I sadly came to that realization that we had none or wallet sized pics of anyone else either.
    I agree with you, you can tell that your dad really loved and cherished the pictures he carried in his wallet and that’s very touching. Makes me want to get some wallet pics now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Charma!
    Also reminds me I need to do a better job of printing A.J.’s photos. His album ends at about 3 months old! I’ve been a bad mommy πŸ˜‰

  6. Thanks Karen! Can’t believe we are about to have our first Christmas without him πŸ™

  7. Thanks so much Des. What’s your advice on coping with the holidays? That’s my big fear. Especially since we did A.J.’s baby dedication on Christmas Day last year at my parent’s home because we knew my Daddy wouldn’t be with us very lunch. It’s a miracle he lasted until May.

  8. Thanks Krystyn. Glad you and your little one are OK. Peace & Blessings!

  9. Especially love the worn edges- you can tell these pics were truly loved.

  10. Thanks so much Kate. Those photos are 30 & 40 years old πŸ˜€

  11. Aww this made me sad πŸ™ This is a beautiful post.

  12. Thanks Crystal. I’m saving all of these to create a keepsake box for A.J. so he can learn about his Granddaddy.