Why Early Voting is Ideal for Parents

For the 2016 general election, early voting started Monday, October 17th in Georgia. As expected, there was a good turnout. But I was able to scratch voting off of my long to-do list. Based on what I’ve experienced, early voting is ideal for parents who are juggling demanding schedules.


Early Voting is Ideal for Parents

School is out on Election Day: I don’t remember this as a child, but apparently schools now closed on election days in Georgia. Security concerns are one of the most important concerns.

As a Mom of an only child, it’s a little easier for me to vote with A.J. But for my friends who have two or more children it’s a little more difficult to wrangle them together and go to the polls.

No lines: I voted in less than 10 minutes at our closest early voting location. I had my driver’s license ready, filled out an affidavit for early voting, then voted on a standard election machine.

Work/Family Demands: Your employer is not required to give you time off to vote according to the Workplace Fairness website.

If you know your workload will be heavy in November or that your child’s after school activities on a Tuesday keep your busy, then early voting is an option.

Saturday voting: Depending on where you live, voting in the general election on a Saturday is an option. If you’re juggling work, family and even your own schooling Saturday voting opens up your options.

Undecided voters:  Please don’t feel the pressure to vote early. Take your time. Explore all of the issues in your state, county and city.

Would you like to vote early?

Check with your county election board for early voting locations and hours. Your local polling place, like a church or elementary school, probably isn’t open for early voting. Where I live in Dekalb County, Georgia we can vote at several locations weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and one Saturday (more details below).

Here is what you need to know about early voting in Georgia according to the Atlanta-Journal and Constitution.

Early Voting information in Fulton County.

Early Voting in Cobb County.

Early Voting in Dekalb County.

Early Voting in Gwinnett County.

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  1. I love early voting. I do it every year, and it saves me so much time.

  2. We always try to take advantage of early voting. It helps us avoid the lines at the polls.

  3. Early voting begins here in Nevada on Saturday and we plan to cast our ballots opening day. Not only does voting on a weekend make things much more convenient, but it allows us to easily include our children too.

  4. Early voting definitely makes things easier when you have a busy schedule. It takes a lot of the stress out of getting to the polls.

  5. I like to vote early if I can. It can make it so much easier for people with difficult schedules.

  6. Early voting is really a time saver! I love taking advantage of early voting too!

  7. I don’t like having to wait in lines which is why I make it a point to vote early every election. It’s more convenient plus I get to go home early!

  8. All the yess to early voting! There are so many things that can happen over the course of a day- if you have a chance to get your voting over and done with earlier than later – it is worth it! The no lines is like the cherry on top!

  9. I’d love to vote early I don’t to wait an hours in the line. I don’t have more patience.

  10. I think early voting is such a smart service. I am surprised more people don’t take advantage of it.

  11. What a timely post. I had no idea where the early voter polls were and now I know for Dekalb. Thank you I wanna get it over with I dont wanna wait until the 4th because those lines will be ridiculous! Tweeted this post as well!

  12. I plan on going to the polls really early. I had no idea I could vote early though!

  13. I never even thought to do this honestly! What a great option!

  14. This is so important and I am talking to my children about voting as well. We have the chance to make a difference!

  15. This is so great and you’re so right. It is ideal for parents!

  16. I LIKE TO VOTE EARLY!!!! “Security concerns are one of the most important concerns.” – It’s alway corect!!!