What’s your most embarrassing moment? Here’s mine… #vlogmom

My Most Recent Embarrassing Moment

Each week I’ll answer a question from a new group I joined, Vlog Mom, where moms relate to each other and connect.

This week’s question: What’s your most embarrassing moment? Here’s my answer: My wig fell off while I was on a date!

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  1. giggle – thanks for the laugh today – and what a GREAT video!


  2. Well my 4 year old daughter yelled and told her teacher yesterday that I have on my NEW WIG!! She said, ‘That is NOT MY MOMMY’s HAIR! She had on her new wig!!” We all just smiled, but I know they were cracking up on the inside!

  3. I can’t believe your boyfriend/husband didn’t tell you. *LOL* I love it when no one tells you when you have something in your teeth, runny makeup or hair issues, I feel like I am a champ at spotting and telling people that. We need a school 🙂

  4. Ack that’s not good. I hate when people don’t tell you when you have stuff in your teeth, runny makeup, or messed up hair. I feel like I’m a champ at that, we need to start a school 🙂

  5. Ahh great story! I swear being a woman is so unfair sometimes!

  6. And he still married you anyway. What a guy 😉

    Loved it! However, I hope you severely scolded your “friend.”

  7. HA!! A night to remember.
    (& nice to meet you!)

  8. I have had that happen! I had a clip on long ponytail and we were at a Pep Rally for the cheer team I was coaching. I was up in front of the crowd and EVERYONE saw it. Fun times! Thanks for sharing and giving me a good laugh!