(VIDEO) Help! I’m in E-mail Hell!! How do I clear my inbox?

Thanks for watching and listening to how I plan to:

1. Send apologies for late e-mail replies.
2. Create a second e-mail account to read my favorite blogs.
3. Unsubscribe to lists that aren’t useful to me anymore.

Another trick I learned this morning was to set a timer for 30 minutes and simply delete about 100 e-mails. I also responded to a few. It also helped me weed out which ones I really don’t need. I use GoDaddy for my e-mail and hosting. I’ve never been a g-mail person.

Comment below: How do you manage your personal or professional e-mail? What advice do you have for me to whittle my inbox down to below 1,000 e-mails?

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  1. 1700 whoa dere …….I have 4 email addresses. One for my magazine which has the magazine name, one for miscellaneous stuff like store people who ask for my email or if I don’t know a person and they want my email address, one for saywhat, and one for personal stuff where my resumes and things go to. I am ocd about my email. I have to clear it out every night before I go to bed…all of them which is about maybe 60 per day in total. I have them coming to my phone so as I sit in my sons car line I will go through them and delete the not so important ones that way at the end of the night I am only left with those that need my attention. I am thinking about getting rid of the miscellaneous one as I don’t really use that and its yahoo way to much junk. Good luck in narrowing down do something that works even if it means taking the weekends to clear them out where you can sit down for a few hours and just tackle it.

  2. 1. don’t send an apology. if the email doesn’t need a response then that’s that. if you have a conversation that needs to take place apologize to open, but don’t go and apologize just because.

    2. rss feeds are better than getting an email. http://www.whatisrss.com/

    3. unless you really don’t want the PR people emailing you, DON’T email them saying which offers you want or don’t. they aren’t going to read that, they are just going to take you off their list (at best).

    what you CAN do is when you are ready or need events to scan through them and go where you feel is the best fit, but better would be to set aside time every week and go through them.

    you can go to unrollme.com. that helps with subscriptions.
    set a time in the day to respond to email or two or three, but then don’t check your email in the in between times. this will really help because you will be focused. instead of doing every little thing email by email make a task list (gmail makes this easy) of emails that you can’t answer right away. answer what you can right away.

  3. I may have, like 42,000 emails in one account right now. I just want to put my head down and start over. 🙂 Kudos to you for getting started!

  4. I almost always send an apology for late replies. What I have to work on is unsubscribing from emails that aren’t useful to me anymore. I get lots of shopping emails from various websites and I might need to unsubscribe from those too so I won’t get tempted.

  5. I check emails throughout the day on my phone. I can star what I want to go back to when I get to my desk and quickly delete anything irrelevant to me. Luckily with gmail everything is always saved (unless marked as spam) so I can easily search for anything I may have deleted accidentally.

  6. I get around 300-400 emails a day and boy does it get time consuming LOL!!!! I feel your pain. I subscribe to a ton of blogs too, and I was debating on starting a new email!

  7. These are good tips. I feel like I am constantly clearing out my email inbox, Lol!

  8. LOL I feel your pain. In my personal email box I have over 4,000 emails. I have separate email accounts for different websites but it’s hard to keep track of.