Walgreens and Dove Want You to Share Your Real Beauty

Every morning I face a big decision –  make up or no makeup?  In a post-mommy world of working at home, I’m more inclined to to with no makeup because I don’t have to worry about sweating it off or my son wiping most of it off. Then there’s the time it takes to put the makeup on. Even my five minute face seems like a lot when I’m rushing to the car pool lane.

But there’s one person who’s changed my opinion of what real beauty is – my four year old son. You may think it’s pretty easy to sway the opinion of a child in pre-k, but A.J. has strong opinions. He has a few girls he “checks out” along with his favorite female celebrities.

Real Beauty

Whenever I put on a dress and put on makeup (usually for church or an evening event) it’s almost like he senses that I’ve stepped up my game and the compliments start flowing:

“Mommy, you look beautiful!”

“Momma, I love that dress!”

“Mommy, is that the latest fashion?”

It’s like he senses that I need the reassurance before I head out into the world that can be so harsh for women – or even worse – we are so hard on ourselves!

 Walgreens and Dove Want You to Share Your Real Beauty with #BeautyIs #ad ~ MommyTalkShow.com


Dove and Walgreens are committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential and acknowledge that beauty is defined in many different ways.

One way Dove and Walgreens is through a popular form of sharing on social media. Selfies. Everyone with a camera phone is doing it, but the motivation behind posting a selfie is usually self-serving. Walgreens and Dove want to encourage women and girls to use their selfies for good and show what #BeautyIs, means to them with any type of picture below.

• A self-portrait that captures your natural beauty

• A picture that shows you sharing a positive moment with someone else

• An image that shows you giving back

• A picture that portrays your overall personality

It’s easy to participate. Just share what #BeautyIs to you on Instagram or Twitter. Visit DoveShareYourBeauty.com to see what other women are sharing.

Comment below: How do you inspire and encourage the women in your circle? For the parents, how do your children see and define beauty?

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  1. Yes, I love this campaign! Dove is all about showing real beauty.

  2. I love this Campaign! It is a great way to inspire women to view themselves in a positive light!! I show my girl how beautiful she is both inside and out on a daily basis.

  3. I’m constantly telling them how beautiful they are (my girls) with friends I tell them how nice their hair/makeup/etc look. I think as for myself though that’s where I lack it, especially right now as the temperatures have stayed above 100 and humidity has set in my face has broke out and I don’t want to go anywhere. I think it is cute that your son tells you how beautiful you are or asks about the dress. He knows it is the one time a week you try your best, my kids do the same thing. I think I need to step up my game and actually try more during the week so they can see they can look nice every day and not just church days.

  4. That is so sweet… We try to compliment each other and the kids as much as possible so they all tend to be that way. I love hearing them compliment each other… it is awesome

  5. My daughter sees beauty everywhere. She adores and wants to have cornrows, and high heels, saris, and a mermaid tail. I encourage her to try everything, even if I get scolded about not being “culturally correct”.

  6. Natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. I tell every child i see that she is beautiful I want her to know it and be sure that if no one else ever told her… I did. Great post!