[VIDEO]: When Is It Time to Give the Babysitter a Raise?

Are you happy with your babysitter or nanny? We are. We’ve actually hired a sitter through an online sitter agency that’s no longer in business, kept in contact with her and hired A.J.’s former preschool teacher to watch him on date nights.  Since they’re both doing a great job, I wanted to share a questions parents may ask, “When is it time to give the babysitter a raise?”

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If you think you may not be paying your sitter enough or paying them too much, Sittercity has a calculator to help you determine a fair hourly rate. Factors include your city, the age of the sitter, how many children they’re caring for and their age.

Video: When is it Time to Give the Babysitter a Raise?

Have you given your babysitter or nanny a raise? How did they react?

Sites to Search for Sitters and Nannies

At first, I thought it was weird to hire a sitter from an online site, but it’s proved to be quite useful for me. Most sitter sites include reviews and a sitter’s availability which is helpful when deciding who to hire.

  • SitterTree in Atlanta: This local agency has background checked and professional sitters that I included in the 6 Services All Atlanta Parent Should Use.
  • Craigslist: Don’t think of it as just a place to sell your old furniture. I’ve heard of success stories of sitters and nannies found through Craigslist ads. Of course, you should check references and complete a background check.
  • Neighborhood Groups: We just hired a mommy’s helper, a slightly older girl who comes by to play with A.J. while I’m home. They live nearby. I connected with her mom thanks to a networking group for local moms.

Need a Mommy's Helper

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  1. Yes I want a bidding war with you because I need a babysitter lol. I am so scared to use one of those websites although they do have background checks. I have contacted someone from care.com and she did have a car and lived quite a ways from me. I am going to keep my eyes out and hopefully I can find a good babysitter for my kids so I can start enjoying some me time.

  2. I’m a little leery of hiring a sitter through a website, but then again, I’ve heard many people rave about it. I guess it’s really no different than hiring through an ad in the paper if you think about. Plus, like Kita said,, at least they do background checks. Thanks for the info!

  3. It’s always hard to decide what to pay babysitters. You want someone who is qualified but you don’t want to pay out the nose. It’s tough. Thanks for the pointers.

  4. I’ve never had to use a website, I have always relied on word of mouth recommendations, but its nice to know something like this exists. thanks for sharing

  5. We give our babysitter $10 an hour. That already adds up when we are out for a few hours! She is an adult though, so not sure if that should be the going rate or higher. My kids are older though and not much work.

  6. Giving her a raise is a GREAT way to ensure quality childcare for your child. Paying for quality babysitting is just like anything else. You get what you pay for. Kids deserve the best and I would want someone who creates the excitement and love for my child just like their parents. If a sitter is willing to go all out I am wouldn’t hesitate at all giving her extra because she is adding quality not only to my child’s life, but to my husband and I life as well. Go A.J! #motherlyadvicefromthechildlesswoman

  7. So how did you find your sitter? Which site did you use? I desperately need to find a sitter for my son, but I’ve been a little hesitant to hire a stranger or have someone I don’t know in my home. Can you provide any advice on the “sitter finding” process? And how you make it work for you?

    • Desiree,
      I used Sittersulove.com (GA only) because the sitters already have complete background checks.
      I interviewed the sitter who lived “closest” because traffic is always a concern here, checked her references, watched how A.J. reacted to her when she stopped by our home and went with my gut. My husband always trusts my judgement when it comes to child care so he was fine with the person I chose.
      I’ve also used a friend’s nanny when she had an evening off to watch A.J. He knew her from previous play dates so that was helpful.
      Yes, it is weird to find a sitter online. But it doesn’t mean there aren’t good candidates out there. Guess I need to do a follow-up post 😉

  8. Thanks Joyce! I think I’ll start looking this week. I’m nervous about it, but I gotta figure something out… thanks again!

  9. I have never actually had a babysitter outside of a family member! I like the idea of a service, though, where you can get recent references. I’d certainly be willing to pay the top of the range for a babysitter for my daughter!

  10. I used a baby sitter from a service once when I was on vacation and we used a service recommended by the hotel concierge. I like the idea of this service and will check it out since I am starting a date night each week with my husband. My teenager is old enough to watch the baby sitter watch the younger ones so that heps with my confidence a bit.

  11. This post is so timely because we have been discussing sitter options for Michael! The bonus is the housekeeping options on Care.com, too! 🙂

  12. I have heard of using those services, and I have even gotten sitting jobs through them, but we have never used a sitter who wasn’t family, and I have just never needed it before. Now, my oldest is turning 16, he can babysit my younger ones. Bt what I do like about the organized services is that they do all the background check before hand for you.

  13. Its nice to know that there are services that screen people for you, so when you do consider who to pick it takes a few steps out. I haven’t done babysitting for a while, but I remember the last family I watched for paid me nicely.

  14. I was was never fortunate enough to have a babysitter when I needed–I wish these options to search for a trusted one were available back in the day!

  15. We used Care.com and we love it!

  16. Wow! I think it is great there are websites for sitters, but I don’t know if I could do it…even if they have background checks. As far as pay for a sitter, I am very generous to anyone who takes care of my most prized possession – my kids. I make sure that they are being paid an hourly rate comparable to the market. Then, if they are doing a great job, I always throw in extra when I can. I let them know that it is a little extra something so they do not begin to expect it as their base pay.

  17. I loved this. I commented in your video comments. We have my sister as our main babysitter, and getting her to even babysit is a chore in itself lol. Once we get a professional babysitter, then we will definitely keep the idea of raises in mind.

  18. Wow!! this is wake up info. I have always been such an overprotective mom. That whole babysitting syndrome was a nightmare to me. I am not kidding. What I did was hired a live-in nanny and that worked for me. Thanks for the article.

  19. This seems to be a great service. Hope the sitter gets a great raise.

  20. Since this is something that my husband and I are going to have to buckle down and do in the near future. It’s great to have this as a source. Thanks for all of your recommendations as well. I’ve heard of Sittercity and hopefully I can find someone who can handle three little people!

  21. I used to be a babysitter back in the day and I would have loved an unexpected raise! I don’t ever think there was a bidding war going on for my services though. I think you showed your sitter that she is valued. That’s wonderful.

  22. Great information! I found a great sitter through Care.com – alas, she went off to college and her summers and breaks are super busy so it’s time to start the search again. I was a little hesitant about an online site but treated it just as if I would if they’d been introduced by word of mouth.