[VIDEO REVIEW] Mabel’s Labels Allergy Alerts

When A.J. turned one, we went to the allergist to see if he’d outgrown his milk and peanut allergies. No such luck! He’s also allergic to fish, almonds, cashews and shrimp too.  Chances are your child has at least one food allergy and medical experts told the Today Show children’s food allergies are on the rise. Keeping children safe from foods with allergens gets harder once they start school and go on play dates. Below you’ll find my review of Mabel’s Labels Allergy Alert stickers, how you can enter to win a set of labels to use for your little one and represent Mabel’s Labels as a brand ambassador.

Video Review

Allergy Alerts are durable, waterproof labels that specify allergies on items such as food containers and travel gear. As with all our labels, they are produced in a nut-free facility.” All orders are shipped in 24 hours. They’re safe in the dishwasher or microwave, plus you can easily peel and stick them on a cup, bowl, book bag or lunch box.

Giveaway Guidelines

Congrats Eliza M. for winning the Allergy Alerts

Enter to win your own set of Mabel’s Labels Allergy Alerts by 9 p.m. EST Monday, January 2, 2012:

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  4. Comment below and share how you keep your child safe from foods they’re allergic to AND explain that you’ve completed the three steps above.

Brand Ambassador

Mabel’s Labels is looking for moms to represent them in the U.S. as a Buzzmama or brand ambassador. Learn more and apply to the Buzzmama program here.


Disclaimer: Mabel’s Labels provided me with a complimentary set of allergy alert labels to review.

Mommy Talk Show is a Mabel’s Labels affiliate and I’m a Brand Ambassador/BuzzMama.

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  1. I love Mabel’s Labels and the ladies behind it. They had a booth at the Atlanta Baby & Child Expo I organized last year… so glad they found you!

  2. Desiree,
    Their PR rep was super easy to work with. She found me on Twitter!

  3. My daughter is allergic to several things too, so I can totally relate. We’ve not had her tested for anything, but I imagine that since she’s allergic to coconuts, blackberries, cats, and cheap glues that she must be allergic to other things, too. I usually write down a list when she’s going to stay with someone else, but small pieces of paper tend to get misplaced. I doubt that a label stuck to her forehead could disappear 😉 I’ve done all the above and am now sharing on twitter.

  4. Well so far Hailey is not in school and we don’t usually use babysitters yet so it is not that huge a problem. However, I would just tell whoever is watching her what we are currently feeding her and to just stick with that list, please. I have completed the steps listed above.

  5. I did all three! My 6 yr old son is allergic to peanuts and eggs as well as being sensitive to wheat and peas. He’s also VERY allergic to cats & dogs. Most recently I had to inquire about possible allergens on our trip to Walt Disney World/Magic Kingdom. They were terribly helpful!

  6. Could you record another review after they’ve gone through the wash a few times? I can’t imagine these being a lot better than regular labels if you have to keep replacing them.

    I like the idea of Safety Tattoos http://www.safetytat.com/

    Since I’m cheap and like to DIY I just get tattoo paper, and then print out what I want it to say/how I want it to look. Works great because if my kiddos get lost they’ll have my # and all of my daughters allergies.

    • Jenny,
      I can post a pic on FB. These labels have NOT come off after the dishwasher, washing by hand, falls, traveling etc.