This May Be the Last Month I Go to the Grocery Store

grocery store

This is not your typical Figuring Out 40 blog post about midlife. But I’ve reached a point where I have to work smarter not harder. This Sunday, I did my family’s shopping at THREE DIFFERENT STORES.
1. My first stop was to go to Aldi for some produce that was on sale. Almost everything I wanted was out of stock.

2. Then I stopped at CVS for some for toilet tissue and Diet Coke since I had $5 reward bucks coupon.

3. Finally, I ended up at Kroger for the bulk of my family’s groceries. The store was packed. There was no one to bag my groceries besides me and the cashier. I was a bit pissed, even though I’ve been a devoted Kroger shopper since I moved to the south in 2002. I love my Kroger fuel points and even stuck with shopping there when Kroger got rid of double coupons.

Kroger Gas Pump


I’ve been thinking about a grocery delivery service or other delivery services for awhile. It’s just that I could not justify the price of certain things.  I love to save with my coupons, as well as select my own produce. But Sunday, I become officially fed up with scouring for sales, clipping coupons, using mobile coupons, then lugging groceries up a flight of stairs.

If I at least had a grocery delivery service that I could rely on for the bulk of my groceries, I’d get back three to four hours of my life each week. Those are hours I can use to work with more social media  management clients and save time because since I wouldn’t be leaving our home as much.

Grocery Delivery Services

I’ve noticed a few of my blogging buddies are using Instacart and you can get a $10 credit by using my affiliate link. The service allows you to shop locally at your favorite stores, like Kroger using the Instacart app and a personal shopper. Try a 30 day free trial, then decide if you’d like to upgrade to the $99 a year fee.

My friend Brittany is a fan of Fresh Harvest, an Atlanta-area company where you get weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of fresh produce in baskets. Prices range from $29 to $73 depending on which fruit or veggie box you’d select.

Fresh Market Images

Household Delivery Service

I’m a huge fan of the Target Red Card with its 5% off savings, as well as being able to use the Target Cartwheel App, plus free shipping for on deliveries. CVS and Walgreens also have online shopping and delivery.

As we consider getting rid of cable to cut our monthly expenses, I’ve also considered upgrading to Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom for $99. The annual fee covers two-day shipping and access to video viewing.

Target Colors


Talk back to me in the comments: Do you buy the bulk of your family’s groceries and household products in-person or online? What’s your favorite grocery delivery service?

Subscribe to my bi-monthly e-newsletter and I’ll update you on any reviews I do on grocery delivery services. I’ll  reach out to a few brands this month.

I’ve had it up to HERE with going to the grocery store.  I’m not saying I will never do it but it’s those trips are going to become less frequent.


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  1. I could never do delivery grocery shopping because I like to look at my meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits before purchasing. The way to defeat the crowds is to not go on Sunday evenings, youwould be surprised how much better shopping is on Saturday evenings.

  2. I despise grocery shopping and lugging all the food in but I don’t think I could let some one else do my shopping for me. So I don’t think I would every use a grocery delivery service.

  3. WOW!! that sounds amazing!! I’m a busy working dad who is working and studying part time. This will help to save time, gas and money too. I can’t wait to try it!!

  4. I was injured early this year and this would have been amazing to have available then! Our local Hy-Vee just started grocery home delivery last month. It’s a great option to have.

  5. We buy the bulk of our groceries in a B&M store. We go to two different food stores depending on what we need. I have stopped shopping around at drugstores (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc) because it becomes too tedious with all of their rewards, and keeping track of them before they expire.

  6. In the DMV area I’ve used Giant Peapod pickup. They have a delivery to your home but they also have a pick up at your local Giant store that you picked so given an hour pick up time you pull up and the bags are placed in your trunk. Any deals special club member prices are in effect. It’s saves me time and money but like others I prefer to pick up my own produce and perishables and see expiration dates etc.

  7. Let me specify and focus on online shopping grocery at