Tea Collection Kids Clothing Line: 5 Facts You Need to Know

One of my favorite kid’s clothing lines is Tea Collection. It’s a fun, creative fashion line we’ve had the opportunity to review. For any parent who doesn’t like “cookie-cutter” clothing design, consider Tea Collection as an option. I’ll share five fun facts you may not know about them. My affiliate links are below where I’ll earn a small commission for your purchases.

Tea Collection Lion Shirt5 Fun Facts About Tea Collection Kids Clothing

1. Globally- Inspired Designs

The designs you see on  Tea Collection Kids Clothing come from all around the world. I especially love the designs featuring accents from India, Asia and Africa.

This global connection comes through its inspirational name:  “Tea is a drink shared in nearly every culture around the globe. Over a cup of tea, people can find a moment of connection, of understanding, of inspiration.”

The shirt A.J. is wearing above has a beautiful blue Tiger designed inspired by Asian countries.

2.  Charitable Donations

Tea Collection walks the walk and talks the talk. It has a long history of benefiting charitable organizations.: “Every single Tea purchase gives back to The Global Fund for Children.”

“Global Fund for Children invests in grassroots organizations around the world to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights.”

3. School Fundraisers

Your child’s school can benefit from a Tea Collection fundraiser that’s done completely online. Don’t worry about handling products, delivering them and chasing behind orders.

Tea Collection’s School Days Fundraiser is super simple: “We’ll donate 15% of the merchandise total of every single order placed using the code back to your organization.”

4. Find in Stores

Yes, you can purchase Tea Collection Kids Clothing online and look through the catalog.

There are also an array of  Tea Collection ambassador stores in U.S. states including Alabama, California, Maine, Michigan, North Caroline, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee.

You can also find Tea Collection Kids Clothing in Nordstrom, Buy Buy Baby and Von Maur Department stores.

Own a kids boutique or specialty store? You can become a Tea Collection retailer!

5. Become a Foreign Correspondent

This is a special note for my blogging buddies or moms who like to write.

You can detail your family’s foreign travels in exchange for receiving a Tea Collection gift card. Here’s how to become a Tea Collection Foreign Correspondent.

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  1. i love brands with a purpose. I am going to share this with my friends with children. Thank you

  2. Cute! I’ve never heard of TEA before. I love unique clothing like this especially when it’s doing some good around the world.

  3. We have some Tea Collections outfits. I like them for my daughter because she’s tall for her age, and the length of their pants work for her and her size.

  4. Super cute! It’s such a struggle finding boy clothes that aren’t corny or stamped with logos all over the place. I’m so over giving Nike all this free promo!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to a new brand. I love one of a kind pieces that every kid won’t have. I will check them out online.

  6. 25% off is a great deal!!! Parents should take so much advantage!

  7. I love it when a brand’s mission lines up with the quality of the product it produces. This sounds really great and I’ll definitely need to check them out.

  8. My girls are at the age, where they like to wear their favorite clothes every other day. Unfortunately, their rotation is small and I’m tired of wasting money so, I let them wear their free library t-shirts and sweat pants and I keep my money in my pockets.

  9. What a fun line of clothing, with a great back story. I’ve also never heard of TEA before, but will be on the look out from now on.

  10. What a great thing that they allow you to use this as a fundraiser. That’s pretty cool! I’m sure parents LOVE that you can ask for support in a practical way!

  11. Never heard of them before, I visited the site, very cute clothing for kids and babies