Stylish Maternity Wear Options

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Here is a guest post from Bernetta Style with array of stylish maternity wear options.

The test is positive – you’re pregnant, now what? I know your first thought is, “What am I going to wear?!” I know there are so many other things that go through your head. For me this time was different. I already had two children and when I found out I was pregnant with baby number three, my mind was racing. I had recently started my blog about Living Simple, Smart and Stylish and here I am pregnant!  I wanted to be pregnant and stylish for sure but remain on a budget because I knew I wouldn’t be wearing these clothes again.

The days of wearing a maternity t-shirt and sweats or just a big dress your entire pregnancy are over. These days there are so many maternity designers ranging in all price brackets that it’s almost no excuse not to be cute (if you want to be) when you are pregnant!

This was my late first and early second trimester. I was finally embracing my pregnancy but still not wearing maternity clothes yet.
The dress isn’t maternity! It was just too big for me when I got it and fit great when I was pregnant! My green pants aren’t maternity but from Target. My jeans and white top are both from Ross, while my two jackets are both from thrift stores.

Favorite Maternity Stores

Although I love to look cute, I love to get my looks for less even more! In every store I go in, I usually hit the clearance rack first. It’s just something about saving money that makes me smile.

Target: This is one of my favorite stores when I am not pregnant too, but they also have an adorable maternity line that is super stylish and made of great quality. Did I mention, they always have clearance racks ranging from 30%-70% off.

Ross:  This store is a big clearance rack with prices much lower than department stores, but one thing I like about their maternity section are the prices don’t make you feel guilty for buying so many pieces.

Old Navy: When I think of this store, I think “Trendy”. Old Navy always has what’s in style, sometimes before it becomes a style. Meaning, their maternity clothes are going to have your belly cute but while being wallet friendly.

The first picture is actually an outfit from the Gap. I was a maternity model and they sponsored the clothes, but I had to give the dress back. The middle dress is from H&M but not maternity! The black and white dress came from the clearance rack at Target $12.
In the first and second picture are my famous Ross maternity jeans. My jacket was mine before I was pregnant. My pink shirt is from Target and my dress is from Goodwill. The funny thing about my dress is I bought it when I was in my first trimester. I couldn’t wear it then but knew before I had this baby, I am going to have to rock this somewhere! Now that I am not pregnant, I would love to get it tailored to fit me. It was just $6, and such a classy dress.

Maternity Must-Haves

These are items you could wear often and dress up or dress down.

1)     Leggings (get them in a few colors). You could wear them under a dress or a cute shirt.

2)     Jeans- I only had two pair of maternity jeans but you wouldn’t have known because I always dressed them up differently.

3)     White/Black shirt – a comfortable shirt that you can just add cute jewelry or jacket over it.

4)     Dress – you will have to go to some event during your pregnancy, it is important to have that great go to dress that compliments your belly.

5)     Extras – Earrings, belts, necklaces, bags, etc. make everything look cute!

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  1. Bernetta was the perfect person to do this post. She absolutely rocked beautiful style during her pregnancy. The woman is simply beautiful!!!

  2. I loved Bernetta’s clothing during pregnancy and not during pregnancy. I never bought pregnancy clothes just one outfit or my baby shower other than that I wore sweats and dresses. Shoes is a must have and thankfully I had furry boots and flip flops. I was not pregnant during the heat of the summer so that was a good thing for me. Be comfortable

  3. This Pregnant Mamma definitely “killed” it as they say. I love how she is able to stay so stylish and on a budget.

  4. You look great! I always had a hard time finding pregnancy clothes that showed off my bump and looked fashionable. Thanks for the store tips!

  5. I never wore maternity clothes as I didn’t get a belly because I had my son at 28 weeks but wish that I did.
    I see some really cute maternity clothes but some of them are so pricey, love the tips to use what you have, shop thrift stores and hit the clearance racks!
    Your style pregnant and not is too cute and consistent which I love(;

  6. Looks great! I agree with all the must haves being that I was just prego too. 😉

  7. who knew you could look so great with a big old bump!!! how cool! I had some nice outfits-but nothing like this–thanks for sharing and congrats on your baby to be!!