Spring Wedding Shoes for the Whole Family

Spring Wedding Shoes

Spring is flying by and we’re about to attend our first wedding of the season. In about two weeks, we will go back to Mississippi to watch my good friend Faith “jump the broom” with her future husband. She was one of the seven people who attended our wedding in Savannah! For her wedding, I think I have the perfect dress that’s loose enough to cover my problem areas. Now all I need are comfortable shoes. Except I’ve been a little wobbly lately when I wear stilettos or pumps. So I stopped by Shoe Carnival in Snellville, Ga. to check out the selection of affordable Spring wedding shoes. This post is possible thanks to a partnership with Shoe Carnival.

First up, I found adorable navy wedges by Bandolino I figure they’re comfortable enough to wear throughout the wedding ceremony at the church and to hit the dance floor at the reception.

Joyce in Wedges

Jessica Simpson

My second option is these tan and white band Jessica Simpson wedges. I had no idea her amazing brand was sold at Shoe Carnival. I can see these wedges going perfectly with skinny jeans and a blouse if we manage to squeeze in a date night while we are out of town.

Wedges will be my go-to dress-up shoe this summer because they give me the height I need to look slim, and a wide base to feel stable. The selection at Shoe Carnival had everything I was looking for this season. Moms, don’t you like one-stop shopping?

Father and Son Shoes

In the men’s section of Shoe Carnival, I found these red Vans for my husband. He’s known for rocking a pair of sneakers or sandals with a suit to a formal event – like our wedding where he wore sandals. We are still debating whether our 5-year-old has the attention span to sit through a wedding ceremony. Just like his namesake, A.J. will rock Vans from the kid’s department of Shoe Carnival with slacks. 

A.J. in Shoe Carnival

Do you have an upcoming Spring event like a family reunion or cool vacation planned? Check out the Friends and Family event at Shoe Carnival May 22-25, 2015. The Presidential Market Center location in Snellville has a huge selection and fun in-store games like this

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  1. I think wedges are always much more comfortable, I always feel like I am a bit more stable than I would be in some itty-bitty heels!

  2. I think the side stretch panel will make them more comfortable to walk in.

  3. I like the Jessica Simpson Pattie shoes in black.

  4. I think a wedge is more comfortable than a high heel, usually. The stretchy panel over the foot would definitely be more comfy than a heel that is pinching your foot!

  5. Both pair of wedges get the Queen’s thumbs up! Love it! The fellas Vans are nice!

  6. I like the stench panel and the extra •Lightly cushioned footbed

  7. I think the wedge makes them much easier to walk in than a skinny heel, especially when the wine starts flowing. 😉

  8. I think the Smooth strap lining would help with comfort!

  9. I like the wedge, more stable, I want to be comfortable not complain about my shoes all day.

  10. The Textured outsole for traction would be great!

  11. The side stretch panel on these shoes would help with a comfortable fit.

  12. Gina M (Wild Orchid)

    I think the stretchy band will make this super comfy because it will mold to your foot shape and movement.

    Entered the Rafflecopter as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  13. I love the •Side stretch panel for comfortable fit

  14. The Bear paw April would be most comfortable for my wife to wear at a wedding

  15. I don’t think they look very comfortable but they would look great with any color dress or outfit.

  16. I think the fact that they are wedges would make them really comfortable – they have lots of support, unlike stilettos.

  17. Vanessa Madrigal

    The smooth strap lining would make them comfy.

  18. The elastic bands look comfy and stretchy.

  19. I think the Lightly cushioned footbed would make them comfortable. And the cork, too, since it has a little ‘give’ to it!

  20. I think the side stretch panel is amazing! I hate when shoes have straps that dig into your feet after an hour of wearing them. Stretchy is the way to go 🙂

  21. Stacey Grantham

    Oh, the stretchy side panel would make those very comfortable. I am not usually for a heel that high, but those look great!

  22. I like the stretchy panel. This would make it fit better and be more comfortable.

  23. breanna pollard

    The side stretch panel is amazing.

  24. I think the side stretch panel and the light cushioning are nice benefits of these wedges.

  25. Christina Anne

    I like that the wedges are open-toed. That definitely helps because them my toes won’t hurt from being cramped into the end (like so many of my high-heeled shoes)

  26. Jessica Simpson Juvitor looks like it would be super comfortable!

  27. the wedge heel itself would be great in case it is outside and the grass / soil is a little bit soft so your heels don’t dig into the ground and get dirty!

    also the cork pattern would not show dirt or nicks as much as a plain white or beige heel would!

  28. looks very comfy! love the tan color.

  29. I think the wedge design would be so much better for a wedding where you know you’ll be on your feet for an extended period of time. Love the stretch panel too.

  30. I think the Memory Foam cushioned footbed with arch pillow would make for a very comfortable fit!

  31. The lightly cushioned footbed would make them comfortable to wear at a wedding!

  32. I think the open-toe front and the side stretch panel definitely would help with comfort during a wedding.

  33. Leigh Anne Borders

    I love these shoes! They are pretty and look comfortable. I have to agree that wedges seem a bit more safe than heels. With the stretch panel. this makes wearing them even easier.

  34. I like that they don’t have just a small heel, sometimes that makes it hard for me to walk, I need a little bit more to walk on

  35. i love that shoe great or any attire your wearing day or night and its simple but sexy love the straps and the color..and love the light cushions footbed

  36. If I stand for a long time, I love a comfortable wedge shoe. Jessica’s shoes wedge helps balance my weight more evenly and the stretch panel over the foot would allow for any minimal swelling!

  37. the side stretch panel..will be great to be comfortable

  38. Awesome giveaway!

  39. I think the side stretch panel k make them most comfortable to wear to a wedding.

  40. The smooth strap lining should make them comfortable!

  41. Tracey Gonzales

    I LOVE SHOES!!♡♡♡