Spring Cleaning Giveaway: Tweet for a chance to win!

Spring Cleaning is really one of my least favorite things to do, but it’s necessary. You can purge your home of things you no longer need. Speaking of…… I teamed up with my Atlanta-area fellow bloggers to purge ourselves of unused prizes, gifts, and gift cards to share with you in return for some love on Twitter. Keep reading for how you can enter to win the Spring Cleaning Giveaway and win more than $200 in prizes!

Spring Cleaning Giveaways: Tweet for a chance to win! ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Here’s what I’m giving away: a Jane Satchel in Black valued at $75. I ordered it from Country Outfitter and changed my mind once it arrived. It’s very reminiscent of a Michael Kors bag. But it’s not, so I’m saving up for the real thing. (Hint, hint to my husband since Mother’s Day is next month)

Spring Cleaning Giveaway: Tweet for a chance to win! ~ MommyTalkShow.com

The other bloggers are giving away:

  1. Three (3) Julep Maven Nail Polishes ($14 each) thanks to @SpelKen
  2. $25 Bebe Gift Card thanks to @KeciaHambrick
  3. $20 Publix Gift Card thanks to @SaverInTheCity
  4. $20 Sephora Gift Card thanks to @ThePoshBlog
  5. $20 Amazon Gift Card thanks to @AtlantasFrugalM
  6. Lotty Dotty Tote ($40 value) from @MK_Snellville
  7. Upcycled Spring Pendant with Stainless 24 inch Ball Chain ($26 Value) from the Etsy shop of @MundaneMagic
  8. Flow & Wendell book – by William Wegmen ($16.49 value) from @MacKidGACanton

All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, send a few tweets and you can win the whole prize pack!

Follow the rules below and enter by April 28, 2014
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  1. I dread basement and closet cleaning the most during spring cleaning. But I love the airy feeling my house seems to have when its over!!

  2. jet s. (@frugaliscious)

    definitely the bathroom & the window blinds its always so hard & i feel like it takes the most time 🙁

  3. I hate cleaning the window screens. They are big and hard to handle and I always am afraid they will break when I’m cleaning them.

  4. I dread changing out the closets!

  5. I dread cleaning the blinds!

  6. The spider webs at the tip of our A FRAME house! Hard to hold the vacuum up there to suck em down! Requires ladder & 2 people!

  7. i dread having to clean out the closet. i don’t like getting rid of my clothes haha but i know i have to. and i don’t like steam cleaning the carpets, takes forever!!

  8. I dread figuring out where to send all of my stuff…and okay actually getting INTO my closet!!!

  9. Oh….and saying goodbye to stuff that I never wore or used anyway!!

  10. I dread pressure washing the siding. Ugh!

  11. I dread cleaning out the closets!!!

  12. What I dread the most regarding Spring Cleaning is cleaning out our garage -we store things in there throughout the year and it can get a bit overwhelming when its time to clean and organize it.

  13. Closet cleaning

  14. I hate spring cleaning, but on the bright side, leaves more room for spring new purchases, out with the old in with the new

  15. Cassandra Eastman

    I dread cleaning out the garage!

  16. I dread cleaning the garage, I have to spray wash all the nasty winter salt away!

  17. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the cold weather here in PA, that’s not a stretch. Thanks for offering up just a rainfall of prizes!

  18. I like cleaning but if its the kitchen !! NOOO
    I like cleaning out the cabinets , one by one !
    taking out old stuff and redoing everything !

  19. The most dreaded thing to clean is the basement! ughh!

  20. I dread having to clean out my closet and re-organizing it again! It’s such a huge task!

  21. Always dread deep cleaning the kitchen, but feels so good when it’s done!

  22. I dread cleaning out my closets. It’s such a huge task!!

  23. Diana Smith Hill

    I dread the blinds – the take forever! Also storage. dirty job.

  24. I dread the workout. Not even gonna lie lol

  25. I dread cleaning up the bathroom the most. always so dirty and moldy.

  26. I dread washing the walls!! It’s so monotonous and back breaking 🙁 To be truthful… i actually dread it all! lol Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing bunch of prizes 🙂

    [email protected]

  27. I dread either tossing or donating- it seems right after I do I need it. The basement is probably what I dread the most.

  28. I dread cleaning the windows!

  29. Cleaning the windows

  30. I dread cleaning the closets

  31. erin dear (@mummadear)

    Every year I dread having to power wash the deck!

  32. I dread cleaning the blinds and windows. Not my thing. Lol. thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

  33. Cleaning out the closets

  34. I dread going through my kids rooms and getting rid of old clothes and broken toys. They don’t want to get rud of anything even though they havent worn or used it in a long time. So I try to do this when they’re in school.

  35. Window washing – it’s a thankless task!

  36. I dread taking down my winter clothes in my closet and then unpacking my summer clothes amd putting them up in my closet because I have a TON of clothes and it pretty much wears me out.. Lol.

  37. the bathtub and the toilet! it’s so filthy and dirty and full of germs!

  38. Christine Summers

    Cleaning the carpets!!

  39. I dread laundry the most!

  40. I dread going through my clothes. I know I have way too many, but I just can’t seem to get rid of anything!

  41. I hate cleaning out the closets and yard work.

  42. Under the couches!!

  43. I dread cleaning out the closets. I’m a bit sentimental.. and I have a hard time letting things go.

  44. the kitchen

  45. getting up all the pine needles and junk from the backyard up…

    boo to the pollen!

  46. I most dread cleaning behind the fridge and oven. Thanks.

  47. Woooot thanks in advance- watching for a DM or email 🙂