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Now that I’m a parent, I still rely on my Mother for so many things. Phone calls. Encouragement. Prayer. Child care.  Does your mother mean the world to you? Share your #MomStory below for a World of Coca-Cola Tickets for your family of four and learn more about one of Atlanta’s biggest attractions.

world of coca-cola tickets
Credit: World of Coca-Cola Facebook page

We’ve been blessed that my Mother has visited from New York quite often to celebrate A.J.’s birthday and when we visited Disney World last year.

Each time she visits, we try to fit in a number of Atlanta attractions: the Georgia Aquarium, Sweet Auburn District, Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. But we haven’t been to the World of Coca-Cola yet and I plan to put it on our must-see list for her next visit.

World of Coca-Cola Tickets

4 Facts about the World 0f Cola-Cola

  1. The new World of Coca-Cola is a huge draw for local and international visitors. In January 2012, the World of Coca-Cola welcomed its 5 millionth guest.
  2. Bring your thirst and taste buds with you because visitors get to taste 60 beverages from around the world.
  3. Ticket prices range from $12-$16 per person.
  4. One of the places I’d like to see most when our family visits is the Vault of the Secret Formula. For more than 100 years, Coca-Cola’s secret has been kept private. On the tour, you can see the vault where’s it’s kept privately.
World of Coca-Cola Tickets, World of Coca-Cola Vault
Credit: World of Coca-Cola Facebook page

Visit the World of Coca-Cola website to learn more about the tour and purchase tickets. It’s located in downtown right in the center of Atlanta attractions like the Georgia Aquarium and the CNN Center.

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  1. I would love to go to the World of Coca Cola as a family! We have never been and its such an Atlanta tradition!

  2. My happiest moment with my mother is when she was there for me with the birth of my first born because I was a single mom doing it all by myself. I would have been so scared without her by my side!

  3. My happiest moment has been telling her that she was going to be a grandmother. Got to do it 3 times.

  4. We each grieve and mourn in our own way, but we are not alone in this. We don’t have to be. All you need to do is just reach a little further and there is someone there for you. Every moment I was Blessed to spend with you brought me joy. Including the ones thag were difficult and painful because I learned from them. This is for you.
    I awoke this morning and realized that today is the day of the birth of my dearly departed mother. She was born on this day of April 21st. While lying in bed I realized that she would have been 72 years old today. That just blew my mind. She was taken from this earth twenty one years ago in the midst of a fight. She struggled to stay as long as she could to see her upcoming grandchild’s birth but was unable to. She sought out the permission of her children to let go and once it was given she relinquished unto to HIM. It was with great pain, sadness and yes, anger that we said our goodbyes. At the same time we knew she was no longer suffering, in pain or sad.

    She watched us watch her go through a horrible ordeal. In my mind, that was the most difficult thing for her to do. There were so many things that she despised about her fight and what it did to our family and herself. Yet, she held on for as long as she possibly could. I know she was relieved when we/I told her it was okay to go. Even though it wasn’t what I wanted, I knew it was what she wanted. Death of a child is horrible for a parent to experience and she did experience that as well. She lost three sons as a matter of fact. But for us her surviving children- daughters, that was a horrible experience for us in our young lives.

    I miss her dearly and think of her often. We talk daily and she continues to provide me that inner strength to move forward throughout all the setbacks, trails, and moments of unbearable pain. Even in my current crisis, I ask her to guide me to help get me through it one day at a time. I’m a fighter because of my life experiences and from observing my mother. I’m stronger because of those very same reasons. I’m determined to do and be better because of my experiences and hers. I’m here because she didn’t give up and nor will I.

    I’m taking today to pay tribute to my mother on the day of her birth. I’m sad that she isn’t her to see her only granddaughter move ahead in this life but I’m pleased that she is free. Free from pain, sadness, and misery. Happy Birthday Mommy!

    In the LORD’s name I pray, Amen

    I am My Sister’s Keeper

  5. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and highly recommend this museum for all ages! In fact, our boys are still talking about it!