Purex No Sort Detergent

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Purex No Sort Detergent

We had a laundry mess in our home that required my immediate attention because it was in the bathroom. Anyone who’s got little ones understands that they have a fascination with the toilet, toilet tissue and the sounds they hear. Thank goodness I had Purex No Sort Detergent for Colors handy because the towels  I used to clean up all the overflowing water were white and burgundy. They were the closest towels I could find. I didn’t take any photos for proof because I was too frustrated that A.J. had flushed several pieces of tissue down the toilet and created a lake in his bathroom. But the colors didn’t run and I didn’t have to wait to wash them separately. Who would want to keep towels with toilet water waiting around for the next load? Not me! So they all went in together.

Purex No Sort Detergent

You can save time and money by using No Sort Detergent for Colors. It “features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology™ which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your mixed color loads leaving your clothes bright and clean.”   As a Purex Insider I find our about the newest products the brand launches to help busy families. There’s also a contest to win a year’s supply of Purex + $1000.

I can also see myself using this detergent when I have a few pieces of laundry that need to be washed for a trip or special occasion. Instead of washing one small load, I can wash a larger load by mixing the colors with no worries.

One winner will receive three (3) coupons for free Purex No Sort Detergent if you enter by April 26, 2014.
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  1. At our house just Clean is good……..I don’t worry about fresh.

  2. I would love not to sort and have less tidy pinkies.

  3. I insist on fabric softener for that great scent. Lasts longer than no softener too.

  4. I’d like to win because I want to try this out for when the kids wash mixed loads. The thought makes me nervous.

  5. i keep dryer sheets in my drawers so my clothes smell good longer.

  6. i would like to use it so i don’t have to wash separate loads when i am washing small loads.