How the OgoSport OgoBild Animation Set Created After-School Fun

If you’re one of those parents who are worried about how much time your kids spend on their devices, I feel your pain. But in our house we allow some screen time during the week on A.J.’s kindle and a little more on the weekends. He’s an active only child. Even in Atlanta we have snow days or what I like to call “it may not snow, but we are being overly pre-cautious days” where they cancel school and absolutely no precipitation falls from the sky. On those days it’s usually just the two of us at home while I try to blog and do freelance work. When we were asked to review the [eafl id=”35673″ name=”OgoSports OgoBild Animation Set” text=”OgoSport OgoBild Animation Set with Webcam”] I hoped it would challenge A.J. and let him play independently for awhile. My affiliate links are below. Keep reading to see how things turned out and watch the movie he produced.

How the OgoSport OgoBild Animation Set Created After-School Fun

We opened the [eafl id=”35673″ name=”OgoSports OgoBild Animation Set” text=”OgoBild Animate It Studio Kit with Webcam”] on a cold, dreary day after-school when we had no solid plans or time constraints.  Set up was simple. I visited the website provided in the instructions to download the software, set up the web camera and let A.J. set up the characters.  Although the OgoBild Bits are named Finn & Spinz, along with Wello A.J. disassembled and re-named them.

How the OgoSport OgoBild Animation Set Created After-School Fun

Then I watched as the 7-year-old was transfixed by the idea of taking an idea and making it come to life. He decided to add in his own background, set and closing text.

The boy was completely self-directed for almost an hour, which any parent of an only child will tell you is golden. Although A.J. narrated his own version of the movie, we can add audio and effects later.

“The Friends Movie” Cast:

Power Plants (3)
Garbage Guy

All of the OgoSport toys are designed to get kids moving & thinking. Their focus is active play through toys like the OgoMinton (retail: $25) which can be played indoors or outside.

Where to buy: Walmart, Amazon or
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