Invite Your Friend with a Big Appetite to Applebees

My husband has a huge appetite –  which I admire – since he’s not overweight. He’s the kind of person who gets their money’s worth from a buffet or all you can eat event. After a day of feeling under the weather with a runny nose, I wasn’t sure if my husband would feel up to going out to dinner. But he powered through after his magical home treatment made him feel human again after just 24 hours.

 We received complimentary meals and beverages to share our honest opinions about Applebees All You Can Eat Riblets and All You Can Eat Chicken Tenders.

When we walked into the Decatur Applebees it was packed with Atlanta Falcons fans who hoped they’d beat the Philadelphia Eagles. Falcons fans, like my husband and A.J., fans are forever optimistic. Too bad the Falcons lost. But there was flat screen TVs visible from every table to watch the game. Sports fans, take note!

A.J. ordered the double mini burger kids meal. You have the option to substitute fries on the kids meal with fruit or fresh vegetable.

My husband requested back -to-back-to-back-to-back orders of riblets and only switched to chicken tenders once. Instead of fries he chose fresh steamed broccoli.

All You Can Eat Riblets


I took a more laid back approach and only ate two orders of riblets. I shared my experience while we ate dinner and told Mommy Talk Show fans how much I loved the side dish that comes with All You Can Eat Riblets.

The riblets were delicious and a bit messy because of the BBQ sauce, but our wait staff was great about bringing us plenty of wipes to keep our hands clean. Yes, they say “Carside To Go” because they’re also placed in the bag of your Applebees to-go order. Remember: Applebees All You Can Eat Riblets and All You Can Eat Chicken Tenders for $12.99 per person, are only for a limited time for dine-in guests only.

Photo Credit: Applebees

Visit the Applebees website to find your neighborhood location and like Applebees on Facebook.

[Tweet “Got a friend with a big appetite? Invite them to @applebees #allyoucaneatriblets #allyoucaneatchickentenders for a limited time.”]: Got a friend with a big appetite? Invite them to @applebees #allyoucaneatriblets #allyoucaneatchickentenders for a limited time.

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  1. Applebees and riblets= win! We eat there often and will be out this weekend so i guess we’ll need to stop by there! LOL

  2. This sounds like a great deal! Sadly it’s for a limited time, but I understand the nature of it all.

  3. Those riblets look so amazing and so tender! But yeah, I agree with you – the only problem with ribs is that they get quite messy. Good thing the staff was good about replenishing your napkin stock!

  4. Yum! It all looks so good. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Applebees. It’s time for another visit.

  5. I have never had riblets before. But after this post, guess where I’m going ? Applebees. Thanks for sharing your meal and your opinions on it. I love trying new things, but only when someone recommends it 🙂

  6. My mom recently enjoyed some riblets at Applebees. They give extra fries to which is nice.

  7. I am definitely telling my husband about this so he can take advantage. Since I am a vegetarian, he hardly gets meat cooked at home so I can see him high tailing it to Applebee’s to get his fill on chicken and ribs!

  8. Why did I not know about this! I am so going there this weekend.

  9. Sounds like a fun treat for the family! I love that it’s all you can eat. I’m pretty sure my boys are all going to enjoy eating here!

  10. This is awesome news especially for my sons who are currently obsessed with ribs and chicken. Lol. I think it’s really nice that Applebee’s is doing this!

  11. I have a very close friend, my husband that eats a whole lot:) I had heard about this deal. We may have to go for the chicken fingers.

  12. Wow. An All You Can Eat at Applebees’! My sons would be there in a flash. I BBQ ribs and a good salad. I will let my family know. Maybe we can all go on the weekend and enjoy a good meal and warm company.

  13. I haven’t been to an Applebee’s in a while, but I’ll have to go asap- those riblets look and sounded amazing!

  14. My brother was JUST talking about going to Applebees with his wife earlier today. That’s a really good deal. Applebees has some really good food and drinks. Glad you were able to have a good time out with your family.

  15. Thanks for sharing your review. I don’t remember the last time I visited Applebee’s, but an all you can eat? Sounds good!

  16. Oh my goodness! Those riblets look so yummy and I love Applebees! I can’t wait to take advantage of this deal!