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When children see other children with their same skin color and hair texture in everyday products – amazing things happen. They identify and relate. Just like our son A.J. recognizes when he sees other children who wears glasses like he does. So this back to school season I wanted to feature multicultural back to school products that show children with an array of skin colors, textures and designs. What surprised me is how FEW companies there are that celebrate Brown, Black and Mixed children with products. But the list is growing – thank goodness! Below you’ll find clothing lines and school supplies that celebrate people of all colors. Affiliate links are included where I’ll earn a commission if you purchase something.

Multicultural Back to School Products

Mixed Up Clothing

Mixed Up Clothing is the brainchild of mompreneur Sonia Smith-Kang. I met Sonia at a 2014 blogging conference at Disney World and I’ve followed her online ever since. Sonia is married with four children which inspired her to create a fashion line celebrating ethnic diversity with an array of textures, tones and images. A.J. received a fun shirt from Mixed Up Clothing to wear. I love this shirt because it’s not something you see kids wear everyday. It celebrates the Latino culture and features sombreros which are wide-brimmed hats typically worn in Mexico.

Mixed Up Clothing Sombrero Shirt

Sonia told me, “We know the self-esteem boosting effect when children see themselves reflected in media, in fashion magazines, on runways, as toys, dolls, and in the beauty aisles and Mixed Up Clothing wants to do its part to make sure that happens. That’s why our clothes showcase different cultures and styling. From fabric sourced from all over the world, to models of different skin tones, hair textures and ability, we want to let multicultural children feel validated and worthy. One of our goals is to let them know that we see you and they matter-representation matters.”

Boys clothes can be boring and monochromatic. Not at all when you shop Mixed Up Clothing.

Tea Collection

I’ve worked with Tea Collection for a few years when A.J. took an interest in Chinese and we reviewed their Chinese-inspired fashion line. From the models to the images on their clothes, Tea Collection celebrates Asian, Italian, Japanese and world-wide cultures in its clothing.

A.J. is wearing Tora Graphic Tee ($22.50) and Railroad Stripe Playwear Pants  ($35) on this recent visit to our neighborhood park.

Tora is “Tiger” in Japanese and wonderfully describes his energy level. The pants are reminiscent of a conductor’s uniform but very sturdy.

Tea Collection Lion Shirt

You can also work with Tea Collection for a School Days fundraiser.  Tea Collection gives your school a unique promo code that you can share with your school community, friends, and family. Shoppers will have seven days to enter the promo code at checkout. They’ll get Free Shipping (6-10 Business Days) AND Tea will donate 20% of the order total to your school! The more people shop, the more Tea donates! And there’s no limit. It’s that simple.

Shop Tea Collection Online

Coco’Pie Clothing

From onesies to totes, earrings and graphic t-shirts  – Coco’ Pie clothing celebrates Black girls and their afro puffs. Again, Facebook was how I found out about this brand. Their motto is “There’s power in these puffs!” As a woman who didn’t get to know her natural hair texture until she was 35, I’m all about celebrating little girls and their gorgeous hair.

The mom who created it explained on their website: “Coco’Pie itself derives from the nicknames I gave my girls to describe their beautiful skin. Both Kennedy and Mikayla are very active in every stage of the design process now. I can see firsthand how it creates undeniable self-esteem and worth.”

CocoPie Clothing
Photo Credit: Coco’ Pie

Miss Zee

Backpacks and books are the focus for Miss Zee’s afro celebrating product line for girls.  Inspired by a mom who realized her daughter wasn’t seeing any images that reflected her in products. She first launched a coloring book, then expanded to other products.

Miss Zee Backpack

Innovative Supplies

I heard about this brand on Facebook because its product line sold 8500 products and sold out in days.  Mompreneur Nneka launched Innovative School Supplies to celebrate brown and black images in amazing notebooks. For hand-drawn images of brown women with amazing afros, Tupac Shakur, Black girl scientists and a Black Lives Matter Notebook, this is your spot. Order now since the company is still catching up on orders.

Unique Notebook
Photo Credit: Innovative Supplies

Brite Colours

These colorful notebooks, shirts, and decor also come from a mompreneur LaShanda Henry. Brite Colours has a goal of giving back to the community, by supporting women and girls in technology.

BRITE Stands for: Brilliant. Radiant. Intelligent. Talented. Exceptional.

Brite Colours Notebooks
Photo Credit: Brite Colours

Comment below: Are you familiar with these multicultural back to school products? Add another company’s name in the comments below! When children see Brown and Black faces on products, how can it affect them?

Multicultural Back to School Products


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  1. Thanks sky much for including Coco’Pie Clothing . We genuinely appreciate the support .

  2. I was not aware, but love that includes kids of different skin tones. I think it will help to not alienate kids and make them feel valued and included.

  3. I have seen the cool Tea Collection clothing before. It’s important for kids (and adults) to acknowledge that others have different cultures and appearances from themselves and to enjoy both the similarities and differences. I have this cute set on my baby’s gift list:

  4. I wasn’t familiar with many of these companies but thank you for the introduction. It’s good for buyers – like me – to see companies featuring children – like mine – in their advertising.

  5. It’s so important for all children (not just children of color) to see people of color on products and in media and represented elsewhere – I think it affirms that the world is full of different people and of possibilities for everyone.

  6. I’ve heard of Tea Collection, but none of the others. I love seeing all kinds of children of all colors and abilities in advertising!

  7. I have never heard of these

  8. I’ve seen some multicultural products. I think kids should play with toys or clothes that embrace all skin tones and types of cultures.

  9. I have never heard of these products but I think it’s important for kids to see others who look like them. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  10. I’ve never heard of this brand and I love seeing all kinds of children in advertising!

  11. I love that there are products that show kids are kids, no matter their skin color!

  12. I’ve actually never heard of this brand before. I agree that it is important for children to see all different types of faces on products! This sounds like a wonderful brand!

  13. Cute pictures and clothes! good luck everyone

  14. I love that these products are for children with different skin tones. I especially love to see multiracial ads. I like to buy products that cater to people of different races.

  15. I have never heard of this type of clothing before. This looks like a terrific brand!!

  16. I am unfamiliar with any other brands thar offer this, but I think it’s wonderful! All kids love to see their own race on products, it makes them feel proud and good about themselves! 🙂 All children should feel this way.

  17. My children have had a few of these pieces of clothing in the past. I don’t think children know the difference between black/brown/white — not until they hear it from their parents or other adults (or even kids). They aren’t born prejudiced.

  18. My daughter selects a dress from Tea every year from the new multi-cultural collection. The quality, fabrics and “story” behind each line is always exceptional.

  19. Of the brands you mentioned, I am only familiar with the Tea Collection. It is nice when products for children reflect all the variety that we see in all our wonderful children.

  20. I love multicultural products! They show kids that the world is diverse and wonderful…it gives them confidence to see that there are plenty of others like themselves and there are plenty of others of different color & background…and that we can all live together in peace & harmony!

  21. I love Tea Collection! Their clothes are supet cute and soft. We raise our daughter to treat all people (no matter skin color) with kindness and respect. People are people no matter what color they are. We are all human beings just trying to do the best we can! I think it’s great that Tea Collection models children of all cultural backgrounds.

  22. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have never heard of this before but I absolutely LOVE the idea! As a teacher, it is so important to represent more cultures. Our world and is country is more diverse.

  23. I have never seen products like these before and my child is biracial so it is important for me to support companies like this! I am also a teacher and I would love for my students to have access to multicultural school supplies and outfits. It would help to encourage self-love and appreciation <3

  24. I have shopped Tea Collection for several years for my children. I think it’s important for kids to realize there are people from all types of cultures.

  25. I have not heard of this company before but I love it! We teach our kids that skin color makes no difference about a person, it is what is in the inside that counts. I love the products that this company offers

  26. Thank you for sharing the BRITE Colours Collection!

  27. Thank for this list. Today, I was actually shopping with a friend for her son’s back to school items and multicultural Crayola crayons was listed. At first, we thought it was a typo, but we finally found them at Staples. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I thought you should be aware. The crayon colors are: black, sepia, peach, apricot, white, tan, mahogany, and burnt sienna. It was a surprise to us!