4 Frustrating Things About Back to School Clothes Shopping for Boys

4 Frustrating Things About Back to School Clothes Shopping for Boys ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Shopping for boys’ clothes is big pain in the butt. Then back to school season comes and it gets even worse because parents of boys come face to face with the limited options we have to choose from. So here’s what frustrates me about back to school clothes shopping for boys and the solutions I’d like to see.

  1. Sales and deep discounts are too early in the season. I’m really not thinking about back to school jeans and sweaters for our son in August. He’s still being rough and tough on his shorts and t-shirts. Especially here in Atlanta, children can rock shorts to school through the month of September because it’s so warm. SOLUTION: Kids Clothes companies need to coordinate with the National Weather Service. At the first hint of a cold snap, put boys back to school clothes on sale and we’ll grab them up.
  2. Colors and styles for boys’ clothes are extremely limited. It pains me to walk through the girls clothes department to see the array of pinks, purples and everything in between. Then there are leggings, dressings and skorts for their parents to choose from. Walk through a boys clothes department and your options seem to just be grey, blue and black. Ughhhhh. SOLUTION: When you see a unique color or design for boys’ clothes grab it quickly before it’s gone. If you’re lucky enough, buy it in a larger size for them to grow into.
  3. Growth spurts and estimating sizes are torture. We haven’t quite reached this phase yet, but I can feel it’s coming. For now, A.J. is pretty much on target for his age. He’s 4 and wears a size 4. But his feet are growing fast.  SOLUTION: Just like the tip above – buy AHEAD for their size. Thanks for a few consignment sales I hit last year, I was able to buy him some shorts sets all the way up to size 6. It’s weird to look in his closet to see such big clothes, but it’s also a relief.
  4. The best deals are often online. I like to shop in-person as much as possible especially if it’s a certain item I’m looking for like a shirt or pantsuit for a special occasion. But the best deals can be found online with free shipping and other coupon codes. SOLUTION: Get out of your comfort zone (I’m preaching to myself here) and start looking online for deals. You may find the a great Easter outfit now – that your son will fit in 2 years – thanks to an online deal.

4 Frustrating Things About Back to School Clothes Shopping for Boys ~ MommyTalkShow.com

One glimmer of hope for Atlanta moms like me is that OshKosh B’gosh and Carter’s just opened their first store inside the perimeter.  We took a blogger tour last month and got a look around the store.

Address & Info:
Oshkosh B’gosh Peachtree Battle Shopping Center
2345 B Peachtree Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30305

4 Frustrating Things About Back to School Clothes Shopping for Boys ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Last year when I’ve shopped at OshKosh B’gosh, I had to drive 30 miles to the Mall of Georgia location for a holiday shopping campaign. I’m relieved that there’s a closer location for us to find A.J.’s jeans and sweaters this winter. The sales items are clearly displayed around the store!

Comment below: Whether you have a son or daughter, what frustrates you about back to school clothes shopping? Have you found a solution or shopping tip?

VIDEO: Osh Kosh B'gosh Adjustable Waist Jeans & Holiday Coupon

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  1. I have all girls, so this is unchartered territory, but you are right! I have friends that complain about the very same things – passing this over to them. They’ll appreciate the solutions!!

  2. My daughter is all grown up now but I remember the frustration of back to school shopping oh so well! It seemed that there was always a shortage of clothing in her size. Ugh. And I agree, there is not enough clothing choices for boys. We sure loved Osh Kosh B’Gosh though!

  3. As a Mom of all boys I can so relate. We wear uniforms so it makes it easy- I usually find the best deals when Old Navy has their uniform sale at the end of July.

    When my kids were little I used to LOVE shopping at Osh Kosh! Sadly.. we’ve grown out of their sizes.

  4. The sizing issue has always been a challenge for us. At 6, the kiddo was in a 7/8. At 9, she was in a 10/12. Now at 11.5, she’s 5’2″ and wears a juniors 6 – I actually wore a pair of her shorts yesterday. lol Plus, while she loves hot pink and purple, she’s not a girly girl, so we walk right by those racks of flouncy skirts, dresses, etc.

    Just be careful about buying holiday outfits too far in advance. I’ve had more than a few clients do so, to find out come Easter/Christmas, etc that their kid skipped a size completely OR that they fit that size in the opposite season!

  5. My biggest complaint? Girls section: nearly a quarter of the store’s square footage. Boys section: 4 racks.

  6. As the mother of a 10 year old, I know this story all too well. And not to mention, the older they get the selection seems to get smaller. We are now at a point where his growth spurts are so sporadic that I can’t buy ahead anymore.

  7. My boys aete very tall and thin. Long arms. So shopping is a nightmare! I can never find the right sizes

  8. EVERYTHING on this list is my gripe with shopping for boys period! Anytime I see a green or orange shirt/shorts I grab it a size bigger, wish they had more variety but they’re so rough on clothes guess the manufactures don’t see the point ::shrug::

  9. My son is in between sizes, so we have had the hardest time getting clothes to fit him. It is so frustrating. He is too old for the Osh Kosh clothing unfortunately.

  10. My son is too big for the Osh Kosh clothing unfortunately. He is currently in between sizes, so we cannot find much of anything to fit him and it is completely frustrating.

  11. Growth spurts are a killer! Mine just won’t stop growing!

  12. My son has always been picking about clothes and they grow so fast. I have always been a fan of OshKosh

  13. I buy online all the time. In fact, I got a GAP card just for the point. $100s of dollars of free clothes and sales! But yes, I do buy jeans and sweaters when they are on sale. I estimate the size and am usually right on. Easy!

  14. I totally agree with you. My son is thin but he is growing tall. So finding pants for him can be difficult at times. One thing that really irritated me while for shopping for him this year was the selection of clothes. There was barely anything good for sale.

    Now for my daughter I can go on for days. But my top two are the length of shorts. It is so difficult to find shorts that go pass the thighs. It is such a pain and everything is tight lately. We purposely by her clothes a size or two up so they won’t be so tight. It is crazy.