Do NOT Disturb: Mommy is Shaving Her Legs! #ChooseYourSmooth

The first time I shave my legs for the summer season it’s a big production. Months of hair needs delicate attention. For an immense project. This is a sponsored post with SheSpeaks/P&G where I’m sharing how to carve out time for yourself to shave your legs and intimate areas.

Mommy is shaving her legs

Do NOT Disturb: Mommy is Shaving Her Legs!

This has been the summer of outdoor activity for our family. We’ve been to Atlanta-area splash pads, played basketball and A.J. learned to ride his bike thanks to an outdoor class. I’ve worn my bathing suit and sundresses everywhere, then my legs needed attention. It was overdue. Seriously. So I announced to my husband and son that I couldn’t be disturbed. Chances are – you need to do the same thing.

Featured Mommy Shaving Legs

Carve out private time.

Tell your family NOT to disturb you. Announce it. Schedule and post it on the family calendar. Leave a note on the bathroom door. Lock the bathroom door, then put a sturdy bottle of shampoo against the door to keep your children and spouse out of the bathroom.

I’m speaking for experience here people. Keep them out!

Set the mood with music.

Keep your smart phone or music device nearby, but not too close to the bathtub so it’s not damaged by water.

Create a playlist that’s soothing and relaxing. Think Sade and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Shower or bathe before you shave.

I like to take a lingering bath before I shave to relax the hair on my legs and to slow myself down. Otherwise, I’ll rush through shaving my legs and possibly nick myself. I don’t have time for cuts or scars. Do you?

Choose Your Smooth

#ChooseTheSmooth Select the best Gillette Venus razor for you.

I chose the Venus Swirl, also known as the Perfectionist. It’s designed to leave your legs smooth thanks to the five contour blades and Flexiball technology. It contours to every curve of your legs, thighs and bikini areas.

Honest Mommy Moment: The Venus Swirl felt very high tech compared to the ‘plain Jane” store brand disposable razors I’ve used in the past.

See the full selection of Venus Gillette razors on at everyday low prices.

Comment below: Are your shaving sessions quick and easy or long and luxurious? How do you convince your family that you need time to give your body parts attention with the Gillette Venus razor?

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  1. My five year old CONSTANTLY comes in to the bathroom regardless of what we’re up to…… I might have to invest in a door hanging sign. I like the pink disposables for my travels. I don’t have to worry about leaving my favorite handle behind.

  2. Venus razors are great! They’re what I use on a regular basis for shaving my legs.

  3. I’m so glad my kids are older now. I have four kids, and with all of them, shaving became something I practically had to do in the middle of the night.

  4. My skin is really sensitive so I have to be careful what products I use. I actually use the Venus Swirl and I love it!

  5. I am a big fan of shaving by myself though there is usually someone talking through the bathroom door.

  6. This just reminded me that I need new Venus razors. They are the only ones we use.

  7. Shaving is a task I never find fun, so I love the idea of making it enjoyable. Heaven knows all moms could use some more time to relax.

  8. I need to try these Venus razors. They look great.

  9. I’ll be in the store picking up one of these tomorrow. Bookmarking this post.

  10. I may have to try those razors. I’m not sure which one I’d like best!

  11. I like the idea of soaking the hairs for a bit before shaving. That’s a great way to reduce ingrown hairs too, I would think!

  12. Gillette razors are our family’s choice for all our shaving needs. I can vouch for Gileette Venus. I use them and they do give me a close and smooth shave!

  13. I haven’t tried shaving my legs but when the time comes, I will remember this.

  14. I will share this post with my friends, lots of my friends are shaving their legs. They will be glad to know about this.

  15. That’s pretty wicked, I didn’t know Olay partnered with Gillette! I would love to try this especially since you can’t help but shave during the summer!

  16. I will have to try the Venus Swirl first. I love smooth and silky legs.

  17. It takes concentration to shave your legs. I know how you feel. I used to hate to try and shave my legs, only to hear, “MOOOOOOMMMMYYYY!!!!” from the other side of the door. Of course, naturally, I would jump and nick myself. Geesh!

  18. Oh yes! Our bathroom tub/shower does not have a door – it is part of our bedroom – so the kids are always walking in and out. Frustrating. Love your tips

  19. HAHA! This is so great! I wish my girls would leave me be to allow me to shave alone. 😀

  20. Gillette Venus is my favorite too..I use an epilator also if there is no time to use the razor! The results are great and skin is quite smooth after the shave.