Lessons from the Little PINK Book Fall Luncheon to Jump Start Your New Year #Pink10

As 2014 comes to a close, I’m looking back and looking ahead thanks largely to some stories from female executives at the country’s top companies and institutions. This week I got to hear them at The Little PINK Book Fall Luncheon thanks to the Everywhere Agency. The vendors and activities kept me thinking too. Keep reading to find your own New Year’s inspiration from the 10th Annual Fall Empowerment Luncheon. This is something you’ll want to share with your fellow mompreneurs.

Little Pink Book Fall Luncheon

The panelists were pretty impressive:

Cheryl Bachelder, CEO of Popeyes

Carol Tomé, CFO The Home Depot

Erika James, Dean Goizueta School of Business at Emory University

Kate Gutman, SVP Worldwide Sales & Solutions for UPS

Jan Singer, CEO of Spanx

Pamela Joseph, Vice Chair US Bancorp

The Little PINK Book Fall Luncheon

Lesson #1: Health Comes First

Among the vendors at The Little PINK Book Fall Luncheon was Northside Hospital where a representative shared the importance of self-breast exams. I even got this sample and coupon for a breast ritual creme.

Breast Creme


Little Pink Book Expo


Northside Hospital Expo

Health and business go hand in hand for moms. Even if you’re a stay at home mom, your family is your full-time job. When we’re not well, even for a cold or flu episode, our families are out of whack. Now that I’m 41, healthy screenings are even more important. This year, I had my first mammogram in about 10 years and now they’ll be part of my annual health screenings.

I know it’s easy to make excuses to skip medical appointments and make other things a priority. Please don’t. Put yourself and your health first.

Joyce Brewer Magazine Cover

Lesson #2: You deserve to be on the cover of a magazine.

Your story, your journey, your triumphs are newsworthy. Tell someone about them. Own it. Celebrate it.

Thanks to the photo booth at the Little Pink Book Fall Luncheon, a professional photographer snapped this image of me and I got to keep a version of a “magazine cover.”

Lesson #3: Find a mentor OR become a mentor.

Pamela Joseph from US Bancorp told the audience, “Sponsorship and mentorship go hand and hand. If you can find somebody who’s willing to take a risk on you and guide your career, I think thats fantastic.”

Erika James from Emory University added “All of us have a responsibility to make sure there is a robust pipeline. Part of the conversation today is not only how can we ascend to the ranks in business, but how do we make sure people coming up behind us also have those opportunities?”

You’ll be shocked when you keep reading and see the stats below about women in leadership from the Catalyst Fortune 500 that I shared below.


Joined by @thesistahchick for #Pink10 luncheon filled w/ inspiring women in Atlanta!

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  1. #2 hit home. We all have a story and should always celebrate.

  2. What a great panel! I’m sure it was very fascinating!

  3. WOW what a power house line up of speakers. Thanks for sharing the wonderful lessons you received at the luncheon with us. We certainly do need to make sure there is a pipeline for our girls to have access to great education and opportunities.

  4. I like the idea of finding a mentor as well as being one. It’s about the give and take and we have to do/be both!

  5. It’s good to see some improvement in those stats, but after ten years, I’d hope for a bigger change!

  6. You look amazing, I love a luncheon that helps to uplift women. I need to come to Atlanta to attend one of these.

  7. I am glad you enjoyed this experience. I am learning that your health is your greatest wealth. Thanks for the tidbits.

  8. I was following along with you girls on Instagram while this event was happening. I learned so much reading your post. That increase of women in leadership roles is very exciting and those numbers are only going to keep going UP!!

  9. looks like this was a great conference!!

  10. Sounds like it was a pretty inspiring conference. I love the you deserve to be on a magazine cover. Follows my mantra of WHY NOT ME!

  11. Looks like a very inspriational day! I love the part where they say you deserve a magazine cover! It goes with my mantra of why NOT me!

  12. This sounds like it was an incredible event. I especially love the takeaway of you deserve to be on the cover of a magazine… because we all DO. And should!

    And this: : “Your story, your journey, your triumphs are newsworthy. Tell someone about them. Own it. Celebrate it.”

    YES. Thank you. SO MUCH YES.

  13. How funny you mentioned Northside Hospital. That is where my daughter was born! This looks like a very imformative conference.

  14. This sounds like a very motivational afternoon! And you are right, we need to put our health first! Otherwise we can’t be our best to take care of our loved ones.

  15. Wow, it would be so inspiring to attend something like this. But, man, I can’t believe in this day and age the stats are still so low.

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