[VIDEO] Tyler Perry’s Inspiring Life & #HigherIsWaiting Book

When I first heard of Tyler Perry in the late 90’s, his stage plays featuring the gun-toting Grandma character, Madea, were very popular. My cousins had the CDs and they’d watch them over the holidays.  But I wasn’t so easily convinced. Something seemed off when I’d see a 6 foot tall Black man in a dress portraying a grandma. It seemed silly.

Fast forward to 2007 when I saw Perry’s film, Why Did I Get Married? It was around the time my then-boyfriend, now-husband, and I were discussing our future together. After I saw this film where Perry starred, wrote and directed featuring Janet Jacket and Idris Elba – I became a fan.  Why Did I Get Married related to  me. I loved seeing professional Black couples, even in the midst of marital troubles, come out on the other side.

Perry’s life wasn’t always glamorous and successful. His new book, Higher Is Waiting (Value:$18) , follows his 10 year journey from being homeless and broke to being a best-selling author, film maker, TV producer and father to his only son. Below you’ll see two videos where he explains the motivation to share his journey and you can enter to win a copy for yourself.

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Tyler Perry also talked with his book publisher Random House:

This week on ABC’s The View, Tyler Perry talked about the special chapter in his book about his late mother:


Higher Is Waiting Book Review

Throughout Tyler Perry’s life he knew success awaited him, even though at times, it looked grim. He grew up poor in New Orleans, but he had a village around him to guide him along the way. You’ll meet them along the way in Higher Is Waiting.
The overall tone of the book is inspiring. If you’re worried about being bogged down by heavy material, don’t be. The chapters are short, sweet and to the point. Many of the chapters end with scripture references and insightful questions.
Higher Is Waiting would be a great gift for someone who’s going through a tough time, a recent college graduate or someone who’s looking for a job. Give them the book and the hope it provides. Read more about Tyler Perry’s Book on the Random House website.

Enter to win Tyler Perry’s Book

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  1. Just kike you, I was confused about him playing a woman…but as a total fan of his creativity, he inspires me! I loved reading this ?

  2. Great book! He is so inspiring and has a story to tell!

  3. Good to know he has a new book out. I am not a die-hard fan but do enjoy some of his work. Hope this latest effort is one of his better ones.

  4. richellelclark@yahoo.com

    Hi Joyce,
    I enjoyed your post on Tyler Perry. I missed his Halloween movie a few months back, but I can’t wait to rent it on Amazon! Have a great week and a great Christmas. Blessings to you!

  5. I haven’t seen many of Tyler Perry’s films, but I love his vision to pick himself up from his bootstraps and make an empire for himself. Also, I admire his persistence and I think I’d enjoy this book.

  6. I am a fan of Tyler Perry. He took his own life and experiences and changed his entire path. Who can be mad at that? Not to mention, Madea is hilarious.

  7. Tyler Perry has quite a spectacular story. It’s like a male fairy tale. Hardships and success followed by a Happily Ever with the birth of his son. I admire how he’s built such an amazing empire from nothing. Kudos to him.

  8. I adore Tyler Perry’s story. I was never into Madea but I watch Why Did I get Married and The Family that Prays a million time. I need to get this in audio.

  9. I have got to check this out! I am looking for inspiring books for my oldest son, and this might be one to add to the list.

  10. I went to the book release event at the Fox a month ago. I got the book I need to read it but I love his little nuggets of wisdom!

  11. I never got into Madea either, but his more serious films are always pretty good! His book seems like a great and inspirational read.

  12. I love how open he is about his life. People assume that people had it easy, but there are so many areas in celebrities lives that many of us can relate to and learn from.