Check Out This Atlanta STEM Birthday Party Idea + Win a LEGO® Brick Set

Remember back in the day –  when birthday planning just included balloons, cake and maybe a clown to entertain the kids? Those days are long gone. In fact, I usually start planning A.J.’s birthday party three months ahead of time by picking a theme, venue and narrowing down the guest list.  Have you ever considered an Atlanta STEM birthday party? It’s a hands-on experience where kids learn about science, math and more. I’ll explain more about an opportunity to host STEM parties and you can win a STEM-inspired giveaway for your little one. Keep reading and be sure to share!

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What I love by watching our 7-year-old do STEM activities and experiments is how he proves himself wrong and still learns in the process.

You may remember the great time A.J. had with a popular STEM Toy, the Dash Robot where he gave it commands to move and talk. To kids it’s a responsive robot. To educators, it’s the building block to learn coding, HTML and design. We’ve also stopped by the Apple store late this summer where he got to program another robot in a team effort. I shared the video of his experience on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page.

Atlanta STEM Birthday Party
Photo Credit: Snapology


I can see A.J. enjoying a Snapology birthday party the next time we celebrate. With Snapology he can choose a birthday party theme, STEM activity and invite friends. Birthday parties are just a part of the Snapology story. For learners who struggle with science and math, a Snapology after-school program or group activity can invigorate their interest. Girls feel empowered when they’re successful at Math and Science. Special needs students can get the attention they need.  STEM summer camps are also offered at Snapology.


Snapology Girls
Photo Credit: Snapology


A Snapology franchise in Atlanta could provide affordability and flexibility for an owner. Watch the video below to see even more.

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We’d like your young learner to get the a hands-on experience at home with this easy to enter giveaway.

Enter to win LEGO® brick set

Prize: Snapology Mascot Sebastian Gator LEGO® brick set

Recommended age: 6+

Deadline: November 26, 2017 by midnight EST

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  1. I like the size, colors, and how you can change him.

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