Here’s why I don’t carry a purse anymore #VlogMom

Today’s #VlogMom topic comes from Tina Seitzinger of Life Without Pink. Watch this video to hear why I don’t really use a purse anymore.

Do you carry a purse? Would you be willing to share what’s inside?

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  1. Jessica course

    Handbags are my guilty pleasure and I have several bins full of them so I have always carried a handbag. Recently, I started carrying this cross body purse (without the strap)for work that holds 3 cards, money, and my phone. Without the strap, it looks like a wallet. It is absolutely perfect! Because I have to carry a diaper bag when I am out and about at work, I have found this easier to use than carrying two bags. When I do carry my purse…and I carry big ones!…it usually has my wallet, makeup bag, sunscreen, planner, magazine, ipod, cell phone, pen, and a bottle of aspirin.

  2. Ok I am SUPER impressed that you pronounced my last night correctly!! That gets lots of points in my book, lol. Great video!

  3. Oh, you are going to enjoy my video. I have everything under the sun (or, everything but the kitchen sink if we’re going to use a cliche). But I do have just one big wallet I can grab and go if I need to throw it in my laptop bag, or my tennis bag, etc.
    Desiree @StressFreeBaby recently posted..Getting Purse-onal, What’s in Your Purse? #VlogMoms

  4. I just adore how your earrings kept twinkling during this vlog.

    I used to have a diaper bag/purse and am happy to have moved past that.
    Alissa recently posted..What’s In Your Handbag? {#VlogMom}

  5. I love the working mom’s laptop bag. (I vlogged the sanitary items too, love how we both got caught with the evidence of our femininity.) Great vid!

  6. WHAT – no purse?? LOL. . .even when I carry a laptop bag OR a diaper bag – I needed a separate purse! LOL

    hchybinski recently posted..Menu Plan Monday

  7. First, wow, your violet eyes are so beautiful 🙂 And I think your laptop bag looks stylish, better than mine. I noticed when my kids were babies, my larger purse also served as a diaper bag, but thankfully now, I just need to carry the occasional toy or crayons, maybe an extra juice pouch. My bag has mostly become mine again!
    Rajean recently posted..VlogMom – Bag Lady

  8. I so can’t vlog..I hate hearing and seeing myself.

    My purse? Yeah, I have tons of them but hardly ever use it because I’m always carrying a million other things these days…so I just throw my wallet, keys and phone into whatever else I’m carrying.
    Krystyn recently posted..Beaver Fever | PSF

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