Fitness Friday: Eat Less, Move More Week #1 Check-in

Week #1 Check-in

Thanks to everyone for your comments here and on Facebook supporting my efforts to lose 10 pounds by my birthday in August. Week 1 of Fitness Friday didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped. But I chose to take the slow and steady route with my food intake and exercise. Check out this video update to see what went well, what went wrong and the delicious meal my husband made for me this week.

Watching Calories at Restaurants

I like to eat out and thanks to “Fitness Friday” I made healthier choices this week. When I went to Chili’s with a group of friends instead of getting the Triple Dipper (like I usually do) I ordered a Sante Fe Chicken salad and only ate half. The full salad has with approximately 670 calories according to the Chili’s Nutrition Menu

Chili's Southwest Salad, Chili's Salad, Fitness Friday
Chili's Southwest Chicken Salad

I skipped my usual white chocolate mocha from Starbucks with 260+ calories and a sausage egg & cheddar breakfast sandwich with 500 calories. Instead, I ordered a decaf coffee with Splenda and a Spinach, Feta and Egg White Wrap with 290 calories.

Starbucks feta wrap
Starbucks Spinach Feta & Egg White Wrap

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  1. Hey Joyce!

    I guess we are all trying to get fit and sexy. I too am trying to lose weight. I got the working out down, however my eating is out of control. I will start my journey again as I have fallen of the wagon. Let’s do this together! I will post on Wednesdays on my blog under “weight loss Wednesdays”
    So 10lbs by your birthday totally doable …I am trying to lose 20 by labor day weekend. I am at 217lbs. Gotta get under 200.

    wishing you much success

    • Love the idea of Weightloss Wednesdays!
      Make small changes to your diet so you don’t feel deprived. That’s my recommendation.

  2. Um, AJ is freaking ADORABLE! You know, if you want some support and motivation to get the pounds off, check out I’ve been a part of the online sorority that is Mamavation since January (?) and they have helped me SO much!

    Good job on your weight loss this week! You rock lady!

    • Thanks Lindsay.
      I’d love to see our kids play together this summer for a triple cuteness extravaganza!
      I will check out Mamavation and Ouch to 5K has been recommended too.