Wordless Wednesday: Old School Family Photo Circa 1976?

There’s nothing like looking at old family photos and walking down memory lane. This is a photo my cousin Penny posted on Facebook of us playing on the floor as kids. It had to be taken around 1976 because I look about three with my old school pig tails and white ribbons. It’s one of the rare photos where I can see a resemblance between me and A.J.

Joyce Brewer, Childhood photo

Wasn’t it fun to play with your cousins when you were little? I feel like A.J. is missing out on that since we’re so far from our families in Mississippi and on the East Coast. We only seem them on holidays.

Since I don’t know the original date of this photo, it’s a great reminder to keep track of them. Do you date and catalog your family photos?

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  1. This picture is so adorable. You two ladies are so pretty.

  2. I love flashback photos! I also loved playing with my cousins, more so than my siblings, LOL!

  3. I used to be good about dating and cataloging photos – but I have a big box stuffed with old photos I never got around to doing that with before the digital age came into play. Now I sort of catalog by month and day on my computer – much easier…though not quite as cool. 😉 Love that picture! 🙂

  4. I love looking at old photos too! I try to date each one…

  5. Since my son is an only child, we emphasize spending time with his cousins as much as possible! We take a billion pictures as well. 🙂