Gymboree Stores Closing in 2019: 3 Things You Need to Know

On social media this week I noticed some disappointed comments from parents who heard Gymboree Stores are closing all 900 of its stores in 2019 according to CNBC and unnamed sources. The company is reportedly filing for bankruptcy for the second time. For many parents who like affordable, colorful kids clothes, Gymboree is a go-to store because they’re easy to find and located in malls. There are 14 Gymboree stores including three outlets in the Atlanta metropolitan area.  I’ll share a few quick facts you need to know about Gymboree stores closing for good this year. My commission-earning affiliate links to Gymboree Clothing online are below.

Gymboree Stores Closing in 2019: 3 Things You Need to Know

1. Gymboree’s Online Store Is Open (For Now)

For now, the Gymboree online clothing remains open with great savings.

Gymbucks is a rewards program that helps shoppers save on future purchases. How does it work? “During redemption periods, cash in GymBucks to save $25 on every $50 you spend. Show your GymBucks receipt in stores or enter your GymBucks code and PIN at checkout online.” Should you use your GymBucks ASAP? That’s not clear. But if you had enough to redeem, I’d do it for now while the online store is open.

When I stopped by the Gymboree site today, I noticed much of the inventory is marked down by 50% off.

Gymboree Stores Closing in 2019: 3 Things You Need to Know

2. High-End Janie & Jack is for Sale

If you love the Janie & Jack clothing line sold at Gymboree stores and online,  keep your eyes open for business updates because Gymboree is selling it off separately from the stores.

Parents know the Janie & Jack line for its higher quality kids’ clothing, dressier options, and special occasion clothes. As a boy mom, I was impressed with the array of ties and jackets for boys that are often hard to find in stores.

3. Gymboree Play & Music Stores Will Stay Open

I remember when A.J. was a toddler, we attended Gymboree play centers classes featuring music kids under five years old. Don’t worry. Gymboree Play & Music Centers are not closing. They were sold to a separate entity in 2016. There’s no indication that Gymboree Play & Music Stores will close.

Comment below: Why do you think Gymboree stores are closing in 2019? What’s your go-to place for affordable kids’ clothes?

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Gymboree Stores Closing in 2019: 3 Things You Need to Know

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  1. I’m very sad that Gymboree is closing. I get my girl’s church dresses from there so the chain will be missed by my family.

  2. They were expensive when my kids were little I loved their cheaper brand crazy 8 but sadly they are closing also. These stores aren’t lasting like they use to.

  3. Never was my go to store but thanks to this info I will check out any fire sales ! They were always too expensive for me when my daughter was very little. Good quality clothes though.

  4. I use to get all of my daughters clothes from Gymboree.. their clothes were always so cute and colorful but it seems like a lot of brick and mortar stores are closing

  5. It is so sad when an another amazing company closes up, especially when it offers great products for kids. Guess we’ll all make the most of the time left while they are still open.

  6. Funny thing, I always loved Gymboree clothes but felt they were pricey. On top of that, we never really had many in our area. Now my kids have often older and sized out of the store.

  7. I never shopped at Gymboree. My go-to stores for my daughter when she was younger was Justice and Children’s Place. I think more people are choosing to shop online.

  8. Such a shame they are closing, maybe they’d be better suited online to keep costs down.

  9. I don’t have one of these stores in my area. I was a single mom for years and unfortunately even Wall-Mart brand was stretching my budget. IT’s really sad that stores like this are closing. It’s really the end of an era when it comes to certain brick and mortar stores.

  10. So many moms are saddened by this! It’s always a shame to see a loved store close it’s doors. But, one has to admit the discounts at closing are pretty great.

  11. That is too bad that they are going bankrupt, so clothes are so cute. I’m sure parents are happy that they are still online, and that Janie and Jack will continue.

  12. OMG, I have a friend that loves to find things there for her son. Let me check on that baby, she’s probably distraught! Thanks for sharing the info!

  13. I know a lot of parents are sad Gymborees are closing down. At least they will be online for a while.