Fitness Friday: Two a Day Workouts for Moms #SmoothBlogger

Oh how I long for the days when I spent an hour or more in the gym. That was pre-marriage, pre-baby and pre-working from home. It’s hard for me to stick with anything for 60 minutes, let alone drive to the gym, workout and shower when I’m done. If I needed to drop off or pick up our son, it would take almost two hours to finish. So this week I wanted to share how busy moms like us can fit in two a day workouts thanks to the Smooth Fitness Compact Elliptical. Two A Day Workouts

Two a Day Workouts

You may think of two a day workouts as something athletes do. In this case, I’m not talking about a strenuous session. Keep in mind, I’m not a doctor or a fitness expert I’m basing this on my experience. As busy moms we can

  • Break down a typical 45-60 minute session into two short sessions
  • Start the day with a protein-filled diet. That can include egg whites or a protein shake.
  • Plan for rest in between workouts to allow your muscles to recover

My Two a Day Workout

10 a.m.: A.J. and I took the jogging stroller and walked to our neighborhood shopping center. The stroller is not lightweight and neither is my child. I got a short, 30 minute workout by loading him in the stroller, pushing it to the store, around the store, back home and unloading it.

1 p.m.: We came home, had lunch, read books and then it was naptime. During our son’s naptime I threw on some workout gear, turned on Bravo’s Tabatha’s Takeover. I got in 20 minutes of cardio on the Smooth Fitness Elliptical. One of the best things about having fitness equipment at home is you can do as much or as little as you want – when you want. I paused the session about 7 minutes in because I had to go to the bathroom, came right back and finished what I started. 20 minutes later I was done, took a shower and enjoyed the second wave of an energy boost I got from working out twice in one day. Watching TV while working out


As a mom, can you imagine fitting in a two a day workout? What other ways do you fit in time to exercise?


Smooth Fitness CE 3.0XT Compact Elliptical Review

Smooth Fitness Elliptical Reviews

We’ve been reviewing the Smooth Fitness Compact Elliptical since March. Here are  My husband’s 5 Favorite Features of the Smooth Fitness Compact Elliptical. See how easy it was to have the Smooth Fitness elliptical delivered and assembled. I’m also using my workouts on the elliptical to set some fitness goals including running a 5K.

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Disclosure: I am a Smooth Fitness Ambassador. I received a complimentary Smooth CE 3.O XT elliptical machine to review and share my honest experiences.

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  1. Way to go Joyce! Definitely an inspiration to me as I keep trying to start working out. LOL 🙂

  2. What a fun way to exercise. I have a stationary bike that I use and watch a little tv while I ride it. I am not a huge fan of working out but need to get into shape so it helps to make it not feel as much as a chore!

  3. I also need to watch something or read while on the treadmill. Other wise I’m too bored t stay active for the time I need to be.

  4. I like the idea of breaking down the workout into two more manageable sessions. I’d love a machine like that too!

  5. wow, that looks like a great elliptical – does it fold up or anything like that? Wondering if it would fit in my home?

  6. Thanks for the post – way to go… by chance does it fold up or anything like that? I am wondering how it would fit in my home. Thanks

  7. I love ellipticals, especially if the hubby is hogging the treadmill. But it is nice to split work outs up into smaller chunks to get more done.

  8. You go!!!!
    My daughter is working on a healthier lifestyle and weight loss program right now too. The working out part seems to be her toughest battle… finding the time! That’s a great way to get it in!

  9. Nice post Joyce. I know it takes moving a mountain to get the kids up and out, to the gym, back and settled. This is an excellent alternative. When I was in pharmacy school and working a few hours a week, I chose to build an at home library of DVDs to save time and manage studies. I was just fine working out at home. Now I choose the gym. When I transition to the Mother stage, I’ll have no problem making a home gym for conscience.