We’re Taking More Outdoor Photos Thanks to Our First Mosquito Spraying + $25 Off Coupon Code #OutsideIsFunAgain #AD

This summer has been off to an interesting start. A.J. has turned into what I coined a “Camp Snob.” Due to his likes and dislikes, we took a few weeks off from camp for June and he’s been home with me. Although I usually balance work-life well when he’s in school or camp, I’m struggling when he’s home all day. To get us both outside, moving around and enjoying our yard, we got our first mosquito spraying with Mosquito Joe and I’ve got a $25 off coupon code to share. This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Mosquito Joe.


You’ve probably seen A.J. in the videos I post on our YouTube channel or the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page. But you may not know he’s an aspiring actor. Thanks to A.J.’s energy and reading skills, acting comes quite naturally to him. He was recently an extra in a movie filmed here in Atlanta and when the time is right I’ll tell you more about it. In the meantime, I like to keep his photos current to submit him for more acting gigs. The lighting outside is the best for this – except – that when I go outside for as little as 30 seconds, I get one or more mosquito bites.

Amazingly, we took a few candid photos right after our first mosquito spraying and I noticed an immediate difference. No bites for me! I purposefully wore short sleeves to officially test it.  If you’re missing out on enjoying your yard due to mosquitos and bugs, here’s what you can do to alleviate them.

Make an appointment

There are Mosquito Joe locations around the country. The Decatur, Georgia location promptly answered my call to book our first barrier spray.

Use coupon code

When you call, get $25 off your first Mosquito Joe spray by mentioning the code: BUZZONLINE

You may want to save it for your next outdoor event and share the code with your neighbors. Imagine how well you’ll be covered by breaking the life cycle of adult mosquitoes.

Pick your approach

Tell the technician if you’d like an all natural treatment. They can explain the difference in the ingredients and the amount of time it’ll last compared to a standard spraying.

As they walk your yard, you’ll notice the Mosquito Joe technician spraying highly vegetated areas. For example, we have a significant number of vines and ivy in our backyard. He mentioned that the more you cut back, the few places adult mosquitoes have to breed. But on the flip side, we like the shade the trees and vegetation provides.

Call Back if it rains

I asked the technician what would happen if it rained right after the treatment. He reminded me to call back if it did and ask for a complimentary retreatment. From the Mosquito Joe website:

“As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service. However, our MoJo Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our barrier spray services, we will return to your yard to re-spray your property and ensure you are mosquito-free until your next scheduled service.”

All of the products used by Mosquito Joe are EPA registered.

Get Outside

I admit. I don’t hang out on our patio much because of the mosquitoes. This week I’m finding more reasons to get out there. I take a break from my laptop. Go out there to pray and meditate.


Comment below: What outdoor activity do you miss out on due to bugs? How would a barrier spray for mosquitoes and ticks affect your summer outdoor activities?

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  1. This sounds like the perfect thing to help keep the blood suckers away. Mosquitos can absolutely ruin a night. And a day. And an afternoon…

  2. I had no idea you could get mosquito spraying but what a great idea! Thankfully we don’t get many where we live but if we did I would 100% do this as I do suffer with mosquito bites.

  3. We have a lot of mosquito in our area and having the yard sprayed makes a huge difference. You can never be too careful with mosquitoes and all of the nasty viruses they carry!

  4. Mosquitoes…..UGH! Is there anything worse about those pests? I may have to look into Mosquito Joe!

  5. What a wonderful thing it would be to be mosquito free! I have to look into Mosquito Joe, and see if that service is offered.

  6. My kids love outdoors! Would love to give this a try!

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is an awesome way to get rid of mosquitoes. I think this would be better (and more long lasting) than having to put insect repellent on our skin everytime we go outdoors. I will have to check Mosquito Joe out. Oh, thanks for the discount code too!

  8. I’m not sure if we have this company here in NorCal, I’m going to look them up. I’m impressed they offer a natural treatment too. I’d go with that one, for sure!

  9. This is wonderful thank you. We live in a woodsy, swampy area that is perfect conditions for mosquitos. This is right on time!

  10. I love spending time outside, but mosquitos definitely can make it miserable. I would love to see if there is a Mosquito Joe near us. I would love to check out the BabbleBoxx too!

  11. What a perfect way to get rid of those little skeets! This way your summer will be more enjoyable!

  12. I have a company in Murfreesboro that comes out monthly to spray at my house.. it only last 30 days but you can tell a difference when it’s time to spray again

  13. Now this is a useful service to have done. I would definitely hang out more in my yard if I didn’t have to worry about these pesky creatures..

  14. I really like that Mosquito Joe was truthful about the rain. In my experience, about three years ago, a different company came to my home on a rainy day initiated an attempt to spray. I let them know that their spraying would be null in the rain and they denied it so, I chose not to work with them. Credible companies are much more honest.

  15. I need this in my next home. It will have a huge backyard. The biggest reason I hate the outdoors in the summer is because of mosquitoes. I currently have nine leftover from the 4th.

  16. I need to get with Mosquito Joe asap. These mosquitos are huge this year and give me crazy anxiety. Plus with my son’s allergies, I am always on guard.

  17. I hate those mosquitos and how the feed on people, so i’m all for anything that would keep them away. This sounds like an amazing product.

  18. I’m going to see if they have a Mosquito Joe in my area. I hate those nights when I’m outside, enjoying the cool of the summer night, having a good conversation but then wake up the next morning full of mosquito bites. It’s the worst!