(VIDEO) Dos and Dont’s of Birthday Parties

Dos and Donts of Birthday Parties

Planning birthday parties are the new parenting land mines! Every time I see a social media post from friend who’s planning their child’s party, they seem stressed out. There are a lot of twists, turns and things to navigate. Who should pay for additional guests who come to birthday parties? At what age do kids get dropped off at birthday parties vs. they’re parents staying to supervise? It’s also pretty complicated and drama-filled. So I put on my “Martha Stewart hat” and offered my opinion in this video, Dos and Don’s of Birthday Parties.  You’re welcome to talk back to me and disagree in the comments!

Watch: Dos and Don’ts of Birthday Parties


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  1. Loved your Do’s and Don’ts!
    I too am surprised at how many parents drop children off at a young age.
    My daughter has multiple food allergies and I always RSVP’d early after receiving the invitation. I would advise of the allergies (they are many) and gently ask about the activities and food. I always offer to bring her own cupcake and if asked, mention safe ideas for snacks. I ask if it would be OK for me to stay and help out.
    Usually this is met with relief from the parents. With young children, an extra pair of hands and eyes is helpful!
    I found it was a great way to get to know some of her classmates parents who I might not have already known.

  2. As a parent we have only been to 2 (one at McDonalds and one Hungry Jacks) the kids just ran and played and had activities by the people running them and the parents chatted – they were fine.
    Over the years I have had my own and been to quite a few the micromanaged ones (full on entertainment, party coordinator, birthday girl in full on designer princess dress with mega tantrum etc.) were the worse BUT the relaxed calm ones where kids were just kids and the parents were human were fine.