[VIDEO] Dear Sofia Letter: She Wrote Back! #DearSofia

Dear Sofia Letter

For a few weeks, I didn’t know what A.J. was walking about when he kept saying he wanted to write Sofia the First. Then one day when I was watching the Disney Junior show WITH him, I understood. There was a commercial encouraging her fans to to write a Dear Sofia Letter and get a reply too. If you’d like to send a letter to Sofia too, visit the Disney Junior website , design a letter of your own, print it and mail it to her.

A.J. wrote his letter to Sofia back in September. Here’s a look at his penmanship that I shared on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page, then scroll down to watch the video of him reading Sofia’s reply!

Our after school activity was for A.J. to write a letter to Sofia the First, then we expect her reply. I’m amazed at his penmanship!His message was short & sweet: “I love your show.”
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Posted by Mommy Talk Show on Monday, September 21, 2015


Watch how happy A.J. is about getting his personalized reply from Sofia the First. Oh, and he sent it using his full name, Antoine, so that’s how she replied.
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Dear Sofia Letter

You have until December 31, 2015 for Sofia to receive you letter. Responses take as many as six weeks. We mailed ours around September 21st and got a response the first week of November. So I estimate if you send it ASAP, it’ll arrive near the beginning of the year due to the high holiday volume with packages.
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Write a Dear Sofia Letter

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  1. Jennifer aka Baby Making Machine

    Oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE!! We need to do this. I think my daughter would love it. Love his little glasses too! <3

  2. Could he be any FRIGGIN FRAGGIN cuter???

  3. I’ve missed this show but this is such a cute idea!

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