[VIDEO] 3 Summer Crafts With Household Items

Featured Summer Crafts

Call the Guinness Book of World Records because I think I have a perfect entry that’s never been recorded: the earliest hour a child every complained “I’m bored” during the summer. While for some people a trip to Michaels or a craft store is relaxing – they give me the …

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Yay! We Have a Third Bathroom #AvoidTheOops

Featured A.J. Kleenex

There are a few monumental moments in life as a family. Vacations. Holidays. Successful potty training. Moving into a house with a third bathroom! That’s been our reality for the last few months and it’s been great, except for keeping the additional bathroom stocked. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart …

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If I Had My Daddy Back…for Just One Day

If I Had My Daddy Back

Anyone who’s lost a parent feels a certain level of pain on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Memories flow through your mind. Regrets may temporarily hold you hostage for a few hours. But a few months ago I started thinking of what it would be like if by some miracle, …

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Finding Dory IS BETTER than Finding Nemo #FindingDory

Featured Finding Dory

Movie sequels rarely live up to the excitement and creativity of the original. Jaws 2 was definitely not as good Jaws. Shrek 2 was the worst of the bunch. Shrek 3 kinda redeemed the franchise. Ok, maybe Bad Boys 2  was comparable. But you get my drift, right? Finally, 13 years …

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