Blogging Pet Peeves: The Three C’s #VlogMom

This week’s #VlogMom topic is from Rajean Blomquist from B Cause I said So. She’d like to know our favorite things or our pet peeves about blogging. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. But I chose “The Three C’s” that bug me about being a blogger.

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  1. I agree with you on each of those. Speaking of comments, something that is frustrating to me is when someone does comment on my blog but they are set up as a “No-Reply Comment” and I cannot reply to them via email. I’m always afraid if I reply to them directly in the thread of my comments, they will miss it. So, then I have to try and find their email, blog or Twitter and reply to them in that way. Also, on the other end of the subject, there are blogs that I have read faithfully for months or longer and commented on regularly – and then never even get any feedback or response from that blogger ever. I understand you can’t answer or interact with every single commenter, but if it’s a regular reader/commenter you should acknowledge their comments once in a while. Great topic!

  2. I’m bad about commenting on posts. I always have the fear that my comment seems trite or simple. I love to read other blogs and see what everyone else is up to, but I’m not so good at the commenting.

  3. These are great ones. And also big ones for me.

  4. I enjoyed this post. I definitely find myself comparing myself to others a lot. Not just in blogging in life. I think that really impacts my life. Which is something I am truly working on cause I know it can not only be an annoyance to me but others as well.

  5. Comments – not so much a pet peeve for me, though i do dislike those great ob! comments. Blah,

    Competition – you’re dead on about this girlfriend, it’s important to not focus on others and just focus on how far you’ve come and how to go further. some may want to look at what the competition is doing and think about how they can do it uniquely. but focuses on what others are doing can be a waste of time that you can be spending on your blog.

    Compensation – this one ticks me off. terrible pet peeve of mine too. since i run my biz from my blog(s), i only work with one brand and i’m only an affiliate to a handful of brands who’s products i’m delighted with, but those emails that come like this one: “I’m writing to let you know that we recently posted an article titled “30 Must-Read Blogs for Moms Who Are Returning to Work” at ( I just thought I’d share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers. If it seems like a great fit it would be great if you could blog about it or share it with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.”

    1.”if it seems like a great fit…” did these people even look at my blog?

    2. If I could blog about it and promote it across social media?

    I responded asking how they would compensate and no response.

    And this is happening a lot these days.

    Everyone wants free promotion and where else to get it but from bloggers hungry to work with brands…

    Palease. All i have to say to anyone reading my comment (and so sorry for the rant on your blog girlfriend) do not allow anyone to take you for granted no matter how new you are to blogging. Word is work.

  6. Great vlog, Josephine!

    I particularly like what you said about competition – instead of focusing on other people, compare yourself to yourself. It’s a good way to see how far you’ve come, or if you haven’t, a good kick up the behind, and motivation to do better 🙂

  7. I am slowly getting to the point where I am feeling the compensation frustration. As my blog slowly grows I am now less likely to just take small things that pay nothing. That has been a hard lesson to learn but now I totally get it and I’m not interested. The amount of time it takes to put into a blog post for a company that likely has a budget but doesn’t want to give you anything is truly a pet peeve.

  8. Comments ~ if I visit I comment even if its a hey I am stopping by there is always something to say about a post if you read it instead of browsing

    Competition ~ never have been. I stay in my lane and do me. This blog world is a whole lot of competition and I ain’t got time for it.

    Compensation ~ Never got paid to do anything. I have gotten a few free tickets to events or a free product but never any money. I will only do a post if it’s something that I love I don’t even sign up if I know I will not like the event or product. I am not big on compensation for my personal blog but the blog that I want to make money for oh there will be compensation of some kind.

  9. For me, I try to keep things nice and simple. I am very respectful of everyone. Sometimes I am not able to respond to all of the blogs that I need to respond to. It’ s nothing deliberate, life just kinda gets in the way sometimes. I love reading what my Sister Bloggers write and learn so very much. I just try to take it all in stive and keep moving in a positive direction. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Joyce, I always like your spin on the #VlogMom topics! When I thought of this week’s prompt, I didn’t realize how our posts would serve as education for others in our field or perhaps more importantly, for all those who ask us how and why to get started. Your post will be most excellent to share with brands and my public relations colleagues who say they don’t have a budget for working with bloggers. You explain the justification perfectly for why budgets should be established. We work hard and do have expenses for the following we have that they wish to reach!

    I also love comments because it allows for more discussion on the topic. I simply wish they’d be offered respectfully. Thankfully, I’ve not encountered rude comments on my site yet, but I often cringe when reading mean feedback. You can disagree without being mean and foul.

    Thanks for participating! Guess who has to tape her vlog? Grins. I’ll be linked today, promise.

  11. You’re so right wot the flip side, to be in competition with yourself. That is healthy.

  12. I had to comment after that video! How could I not!? So, true. I love everything that you said. As a blogger I am guilty of not leaving comments, but I’m working on it!

  13. I really liked this post. I agree with your 3 Cs. I try to comment when I read blog posts, because I want comments on mine. There is a lot of competition among bloggers for opportunities and readers and competition is a healthy thing when it inspires us to do our best and to continue to improve. Compensation is an issue, If I am using my time and my platform to promote your buisness or cause, I want to be compensated. My blog is a business, not a charitable endeavor.

  14. I loved your vlog. I totally agree about the comments all bloggers love comment don’t they ?

  15. I agree! You definitely shouldn’t ever feel like you shouldn’t speak up good, bad, or ugly.

  16. I agree! Good, bad, or ugly if you have an opinion you should share.

    My pet peeve is that I’m out of time. I don’t have time to read everyone’s blog and really get acquainted with all the blogs out there. Writing is as much about reading as it is writing and I miss that opportunity.

  17. Just love watching your videos, Joyce, and seeing what you have to say!

  18. Omg. I totally agree with all of your “C’s” but Competition sometimes drives me crazy – from myself AND from others!

  19. I love that you chose these three C’s, as they are all so important to us bloggers. Comments – I get so frustrated when I have poured my heart and soul into a post and don’t have any comments on it. I can see from my analytics that the post has been visited, but when no comments are left it makes me feel like nobody appreciated my work. I have to admit that I am sometimes guilty of not commenting, and will continue to work on that. Competition – It is fierce in the blogging world. I feel sorry for myself from time to time when I don’t get a certain opportunity, but I remind myself of all the amazing opportunities I have had. That helps a lot. Compensation – I was very slow to realize the value of my blog and my work. I’ve raised my fees 4 times over the last six months. But I still do free stuff. If it’s a cause I believe in or something I think my readers will enjoy, I still share it.

    Thanks for this fabulous vlog! I look forward to checking out the other posts later this evening. I’m curious to see what pet peeves the other bloggers have.

  20. Totally right there with ya. I find that I love comments, and try to comment whenever I am on someones blog. As for the competition.. it is bad among some bloggers. Very sad that there has to be competition.

  21. thanks for sharing–I hadn’t really thought about competition in that way. There’s room enough for everyone and their opinions, just like in the real world of face to face situations. I guess its all in the attitude. I really read every comment I get–some are very moving to me and I appreciate the time people took to write them

  22. As a new blogger, do agree with you and finding this new world full of competition and no compensation. The three C’s are definitely critical new the world of blogging. I loved that you shared this viewpoint with us. I am still trying to adjust to the competing responsibilities I have, not with other bloggers! Thanks Joyce You Rock!

  23. Amen, this is an AWESOME vlog!! I one thousand percent agree with all 3!!! Can every blogger watch this!!

  24. Love It! Since I’m new to all of this I’ve only run into the comments ( or lack there of). I’m learning how much it means to have someone respond to something you spent time and energy on posting.
    I am definitely keeping my eyes open to avoid the last two.

  25. I love your vlog. Totally agree on Comments and Compensation. It seems like so many companies and some of them are big want free publicity.

  26. OH MY GOSH!! You hit them all on the head! I couldn’t have said it better myself. All 3…I am comparing myself to myself last year just to see how far I have come and I LIKE it! Compensation…. It is coming along. I might just break even this year! Comments. Everyone loves a little comment love..

  27. I am terrible at commenting!
    I really need to get better with it.

  28. I completely agree with all of your points! And I just LOVE your energy in your videos. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  29. All three are great points. I really need to be better about commenting, I’m just never sure what to say without sounding stupid 🙂

  30. I hear you on the comments! The conversation is finally picking up on my site. I don’t worry about competition. I work to create a niche that makes my site stand out. There’s always someone with more fans, more followers, more commenters. Focus on content and companies/opportunities will come!

  31. YES to all of those. I am so baffled when reps act clueless about compensation. My time is VALUABLE, and blogging is NOT cheap. Very frustrating.

  32. Ah, I remember those days when NOBODY commented on my posts. I was thrilled when I knew sombody out there was reading. I still have that reaction. I don’t think I will ever get to the point where I am so used to comments that I begin to take them for granted. Thanks for your honesty in sharing!

  33. I would have your first two c’s on my list of pet peeves … when I first started writing I didn’t even keep track of numbers or traffic, I just hoped that someone out there was reading it … comparing myself to what I did a year ago to now is a lot easier for me to deal with than comparing myself to other bloggers and in the beginning that is hard to remember not to do…compare yourself with others. Thanks for sharing …great question by Rajean!

  34. Great vlog! I found myself nodding my head in agreement as I listened. Looks like you have a lot of comments-nice job 🙂 I stopped comparing myself long ago-as with everything in life there will always be someone who appears to have it all. It really doesn’t matter. As long as we stay true to ourselves and continue sharing our passion the rest will fall into place.