Atlanta Postpartum Doula Answers Questions 3/25 at 9p EST

UPDATE: Mommies First is no longer in business. Instead I can recommend Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta.

I wish I’d known about an Atlanta Postpartum Doula when I was pregnant with my son. Honestly, I didn’t understand the term until he was almost one. Jessica Course of Mommies First LLC explained the difference between a nanny, postpartum doula and baby nurse.

Monday, March 23, 2013 at 9 p.m. EST Jessica will join us on the Mommy Talk Show Facebook page to answer questions from expectant and postpartum moms. If you’re not in Atlanta and need postpartum support, don’t worry. Mommies First offers support on the phone and via Skype.

Ask Atlanta Postpartum Doula Jessica Course

  • What are the signs/symptoms of postpartum depression or the baby blues?
  • How to hire nannies and sitters?
  • How to coordinate visits from family and friends?
  • How to make siblings feel involved with a new baby and not ignored?

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Did you get professional postpartum support from a doula or baby nurse?

Did you rely on family and friends?

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  1. Doulas are such a wonderful resource for information, and help both during pregnancy and afterwards!

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