See Where Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best & Worst List

Gift Cards are one of the most popular items for the holidays. You don’t have to do any “real” shopping or worry whether the gift fits. Just find a store you love, get a gift card, add value to it and bestow it upon the receiver. No muss. No fuss. No returns. You can even skip standing in a checkout line all together –  if you buy the gift cards online. So where do Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best/Worst List? I’m really interested because they’re my favorite to receive and give, second to getting a Starbucks gift card! My Amazon affiliate links are below.

Every year, studies come out about the best and worst gift cards for the year. LendEDU sent me its results and I wanted to share with you in case you’re buying Amazon gift cards this holiday season.

See Where Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best & Worst List
Photo Credit: LendEDU

“LendEDU conducted a poll of 1,000 adult American consumers on a series of questions pertaining to their usage of gift cards this year. “

Factors in the LendEDU survey for the best and worst gift cards included:

1. Popularity by Google Search (25 points)

2. Purchaser discounts from third party sites (25 points)

3. Average secondary resale value (25 points)

4. Happiness of gift card receiver (15 points)

5. Free shipping (10 points)



All five factors were added up based on the survey where McDonalds (#1), Game Stop (#2) and Olive Garden (#3) ranked in the top 3.

Where do Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best & Worst List?

Surprisingly, [eafl id=”35270″ name=”Amazon Holiday Gift Cards” text=”Amazon Gift Cards”] ranked – #15.

Not even in the top five or top 10!

Where do Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best & Worst List?

That shocked me because I’ve received Amazon gift cards as a payment for projects, as gifts and as prizes for Twitter parties. I find them so useful to get popular household items delivered to my front door as an [eafl id=”35253″ name=”Amazon Prime Trial” text=””] (2-day free shipping included).  On days when I have no energy or time to make it to the grocery store, I’ll use an Amazon Gift Card to purchase through Amazon Prime Now. I can get groceries delivered to my hour in two or more hours.

Right above the [eafl id=”35270″ name=”Amazon Holiday Gift Cards” text=”Amazon Gift Card”] on the LendEDU list –  were Best Buy(#12) , Netflix (#13) and Target Gift (#14) cards.

One buying tip: I also buy Amazon & Starbucks Gift Cards at my local Kroger store, especially when it’s running a promotion for 4x the fuel points.

For example, if I buy a $15 Starbucks Gift Card I earn 60 fuel points to help me get closer to 100 points = 10 cents off per gallon.

Where do Amazon Gift Cards Rank on the 2017 Best & Worst List?

This is the perfect time to try a [eafl id=”35253″ name=”Amazon Prime Trial” text=”30-day free trial of Amazon Prime”] ($99 yearly) or to give it as a gift. If you’re ordering physical products from Amazon, get 2-day free shipping on select items, unlimited music and access to streaming TV shows.

Talk back to me in the comments: Are you surprised Amazon Gift Cards rank #15 on the list? Let me point out that although McDonald’s gift cards ranked first on the list, the happiness factor for people who receive Amazon Gift Cards are happier!

Buy other brand gift cards on Amazon:

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See the full report by Lend Edu to see where other popular gift cards rank for the best/worst gift cards of 2017.

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  1. I definitely would’ve guessed that the Amazon gift card was easily top 10! I have Amazon Prime and it’s a great investment. My husband is in grad school so he got a student discount on it.

  2. I’m surprised! That’s all I asked for for Christmas so I can purchase a few books!

  3. Very helpful and interesting post. I have mixed feelings about gift cards for awhile now, this helps me put things in to perspective.

  4. I sure hope this list doesn’t deter anyone from getting me an Amazon gift card. I have no issues with those! Definitely surprised they are’t in the top 10.

  5. Great Information but I would’ve NEVER guessed Amazon wasn’t in the top 10!! I love my prime membership and I too have been paid in Amazon giftcards…this is news to me

  6. Totally shocked it’s #15. My office dies give sways and they are the most requested item

  7. I think I may be the only person that can see this. Mostly because I like to be able to get my items right away, and store specific cards allow me to do that. While I am a Prime Member, it’s more for items that I can afford to wait for and not for replenishing anything. But Amazon rules the retail world anyway, so their feelings better not be hurt by being #15! LOL!

  8. This is very interesting! I wouldn’t be mad if I received an amazon gift card, you can literally buy anything off it!

  9. Wow I’m surprised that they didn’t rank in the top 10! I love Amazon and love getting their gift cards because i can get so many things and I have Prime so delivery is bomb

  10. Amazon gift cards are at the top of my list. I use Amazon daily, so it makes sense to get cards that I can use. Even though other cards may be more popular in the searches I’ll be sticking to what I need. I hope everybody sends Amazon cards my way!

  11. I am surprised about that one. I’m kind of shocked that Best Buy outranked them considering Amazon is such an online shopping powerhouse. Oh and I never thought to buy the Amazon cards for the fuel points. I forgot that Kroger carried Amazon cards.