[VIDEO] We Chose African and Caribbean Summer Reading List Books #GASummerRead

Pre-K has been a breeze for us and the boy is officially ready for kindergarten in the Fall. So far, he doesn’t have any homework. But we still have challenges like explaining to him what it means to be African-American when he distinctly knows there’s a difference between and America. Check out the video explaining why we chose African and Caribbean Summer Reading list books, then check out the bottom of the story for links to more Georgia Parenting Bloggers who are sharing their book recommendations for #GASummerRead.

VIDEO: African and Caribbean Summer Reading List Books

To quote our amazing 5 year-old, “Books make you inspired and make you smarter.” So if you’re like to be inspired and informed by African and Caribbean books for your child, check out our reading list!

African and Caribbean Summer Reading List Books #GASummerRead ~ MommyTalkShow.com

1.  We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs

2. African Animals ABC by Phillipa-Alys Browne

3. Island Girl  by Victoria Benjamin

4. I Have a News: Rhymes from the Caribbean by Neil Philip

5. I Am the Virgin Islands

6. My Very Own World Adventure – Western Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya personalized books by several illustrators

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Ae you an author who’d like A.J. & I to add your African and Caribbean themed book to our list? We need to receive a copy before July 1, 2015. Use the Mommy Talk Show contact page and email me with the subject line: Summer Reading List

Where to find summer reading list ideas

Ask teachers. Depending on your child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading, their teacher can recommend books to prepare them for the next school year.

Local libraries. Your city, county and state libraries have special summer campaigns to support summer reading!

Businesses. The Atlanta Braves, Subway and the Georgia Public Library teamed up for a 2015 Summer Reading List. “Home Run Readers rewards students in grades K-12 throughout the state of Georgia by providing a Braves ticket and a SUBWAY Fresh Fit For Kids meal when the students read books and complete an online activity. The program will run from May 15-August 24, and more information can be found on www.Braves.com/reading.” Look for upcoming details on a September pre-game party to honor the Home Run Readers.

African and Caribbean Summer Reading List Books #GASummerRead ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Georgia Parenting Bloggers Summer Reading List Roundup

Here’s a list below and keep your eye on it on summer as we update it!

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  1. I really feel like multi cultural learning is so important and will help children learn to keep an open mind to new things and embrace the uniqueness of different cultures

  2. I’m sorry, I’m so distracted by the cuteness that is AJ in this video! I love your book selection. I think kids should be exposed to multicultural offerings early on so it becomes normal and everyday to them. Not a novelty.

  3. Amy at Mom's Magical Miles

    Thanks for sharing your picks! We’ll look for these the next time we go to the library. My boys love reading about other cultures.

  4. Excellent choices! So glad you are going outside of the normal kids books and finding ways to expose your son to new experiences and places.

  5. He is so cute! I love reading for my kids during the summer I set aside one hour of reading and for my oldest after he reads he has to tell me the plot in his own words because sometimes I think he skips through. I will be passing this along within my mackid community too.

    • Since our son wakes so early. I’m going to set aside some reading for him to do in the morning by himself. Maybe it’ll get me another 20 minutes of sleep!