5 Natural Hair Gift Ideas Your “Curlfriend” Will Love

I’ve rocked my natural hair since I got married in 2009. Along the way I’ve learned a lot about my texture, styles that work and ones that don’t.  I’ve gone the do-it-yourself route with hair color, especially to cover my grey hair, but learned to use the cutting to the professionals. Think about your natural haired loved one or “curlfriend” as we lovingly call each other and imagine her delight when she sees these natural hair gift ideas under the tree! They’re selected to style natural hair and the accessorize.

I received complimentary products from Lottabody who also made a donation for me to extend to a naturalista. My affiliate links are below.

Natural Hair Gift Ideas For Your “Curlfriend”

1. Lottabody Products

Finding the proper moisture balance is the challenge of every Brown or Black woman who rocks her natural hair.

Lottabody Products feature everything you need from shampoo to condition to styling. It’s Hydrate Me Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner are designed for all hair types to work together to strengthen hair.

Add your Curlfriends Lottabody Gifts to a basket to leave under the Christmas Tree. If your natural hair friend is staying overnight, leave her the Cleanse Me CoWash or for an overnight guest.

Where to buy: CVS, Walmart, Sally Beauty Supply, Rite Aid, KMart, Meijer, Walgreens and Dollar General

2. Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

When it comes to detangling natural hair, knots and mixed textures pose some challenges. One of the brushes I’ve heard rave reviews about is the Felicia Leatherwood Brush known as The Detangler Brush. The LA-based celebrity stylist created the brush.

Seeing the rave reviews online make me even consider if I can grow out my hair to a manageable style if I used it. I find that after a few inches of growth to my afro, I crave styles I just can’t achieve.

There are several knock-offs on the market, but I’ve heard they don’t compare to the original.

Where to buy: Brush With The Best website (currently sold out) and various beauty supply stores

3. Curlformers

For the natural hair wearer who likes to eliminate heat, yet wants to strengthen her hair, I highly recommend Curlformers.
My hair isn’t long enough to use them, but I’ve seen breathtaking results online from people who use them.
Even if you wear straight hair, Curlformers can great curls and volume.
Watch this Curlformers Updo Video Demonstration:

Where to buy: Curlformers Website, Sally Beauty  Supply and Amazon

4. Grace Eleyae’s Slap Cap

Grace Eleyae the Slap (Satin-lined) Cap has been on my wish list for a while. Every time I don’t feel like adding products to my hair to create coils or I need to run out to the store for a few minutes, I wish I had a stylish, protective cap to wear. The Slap Cap comes in various colors. It’s expanded to headbands, scrunchies and even cap sizes for babies.

I’d love two; a Grey Slap Cap for wearing when I’m on the go and a purple one for overnight wear.

5 Natural Hair Gift Ideas Your Curlfriend Will Love
Credit: Grace Eleyae Slap Caps


Where to buy: GraceEleyae.com, Slap Caps on Amazon

5. Studded Earrings

As a three-hole in each ear wearing girl from way back, I’ve had my eye on a set a five Swarovski style silver studs from Groupon for just $12.99.

The same way we keep our hair simple. A simple earring stud looks amazing when wearing an updo, pony tail, braids or a teeny weeny afro (like yours truly).

Keep an eye on them at Groupon, eBay or your favorite retailer.

Where to buy: Groupon or your favorite jeweler
5 Natural Hair Gift Ideas Your Curlfriend Will Love
Comment below: Which natural hair gift idea would your curl-rocking friend love most?

If you have grey hair (like your favorite parenting talk show host does) and want to cover it yourself, check out my video featuring L’Oreal Absolue Mousse Color. Unfortunately, L’Oreal discontinued this product, but you can still find limited colors online at eBay, Target and Amazon. I still use L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme to cover my hair every four to six weeks thanks to coupons and deals through CVS Beauty.

Before & After L’Oreal Mousse Absolue

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  1. I wore my hair natural for about 5 years and used all of these products. They’re all great picks. It’s a good list to keep in mind when I’m readynfor another change.

  2. Forget gifting them, I need to check them out for myself! I definitely need the brush to get through my thick mane.

  3. I have never tried using a detangling brush. I typically finger-detangle. I’ll have to try it!

  4. I think these are great ideas for a basket! I have been wanting to try Lottabody products! Everywhere I read or listen to YT’s about them everyone has nothing but good stuff to say about the products! I can’t ever find them here, but I forgot to look on Amazon!

  5. I’ve used Lotta Body since way back in the day but I haven’t tried it since I’ve been natural but would love to. I want one of those slap caps too!

  6. I’ve been natural for over a decade and have never heard of these products! I can’t wait to try them out!

  7. I really need a slap cap! I NEED a hat for these cold winters that we have in Chicago, and of course one that’s going to protect my natural hair. I’m with one of the other ladies who commented – I’m buying for ME – everyone else can wait.

  8. This is a great list! As a natural myself, I’d love to get them!

  9. I haven’t heard of lotta body but it seems like the perfect hair product for my daughter. She’s 5 and me and her hair have a constant struggle so I need a staple product for her!

  10. I love those studs! I just got some studs that I split up between myself, my daughter, and my oldest son (never thought I’d ever say that). I want some more… for me this time.

  11. I swear by stud earrings, they are my 2nd favorite hoops. I wanted a FELICIA LEATHERWOOD DETANGLER BRUSH for my daughter. I have short hair so it won’t do anything for me.

    I’ve been rocking with lotta body products since I was getting spiral sets in middle school. lol

  12. Hi Joyce,
    I am a friend of Carol’s. I met you on her blog. I liked your use of “Thumb Thugs” so I wanted to come over and introduce myself. I’ve never heard the term. You sound very creative. Here, I like your play on words with “Curlfriend.”
    A happy new year and nice to meet you.

  13. Great list!!! You sure know how to pick a great list for your naturalista friends!!